Part time reporting

We had a runoff election Saturday.

Sunday morning I expected to read about the results in The El Paso Times.

They did not have an article covering the results.

They did have  full pages of obituaries in section A on pages 2 and 4 with pages 3 and 7 having more.

Evidently the election was important enough to be the headline article on Monday.

It looks like we have lost the Times.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Part time reporting

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Lost” the Times?

    They have been a cheerleader for local government. The El Paso Times has deliberately misinformed the taxpaying public on every major issue in the last twenty years. The Children’s Hospital, downtown ballpark, quality of life bonds, etc.

    We never “had” the Times.


    • Anonymous says:

      With the polls closing at 7PM on Saturday the paper for Sunday is probably already printed in Arizona and at the bus station waiting to be shipped to El Paso.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe the El Paso Times is “Open” 0n Sunday. They have to save something so they have something to “Report” on Monday. No crime, no politics, no Illegal alien problems, no SECURITY problems in El Taxo, no “the Border is over run”. no “another tax INCREASE” in El Taxo. It’s like lack of police on the streets, crime reporting. If problems are not :Reported”, didn’t happen. The Times doesn’t have Reporters, Writers any more. They just have COPY machine operators.


  3. Start Your Own Newspaper says:

    To say that the Times has deliberately misinformed the public on every major issue in the last twenty years is irresponsible misinformation. The Times has continually exposed and reported on issues at EPISD over the years. They recently provided some good in-depth reporting on the Great Wolf debacle before city council voted on that giveaway. No one cared. Just last week they reported on the new council code of conduct, which looks like an effort by the mayor to gag city reps. Those are just a few examples of efforts that you conveniently choose to disregard. I would not want to be a news organization trying to serve an unappreciative community that can only find things to criticize.


    • Rich Wright says:

      Yeah, strike “every.” Just say “every issue that benefited the local ruling class.” Remember when their editorial board called ballpark opponents “crazies”? If the Times isn’t trusted in the community, it’s because they’ve earned the community’s distrust. And now they’re trying to earn that trust back, but there’s a lot of water that’s passed under that bridge.


    • Anonymous says:

      Keep in mind, ownership of the Times has changed at least twice since the ballpark crazies situation. That was made easier in part because the city bought the special use building it had here for city hall. That was a liability a world where printing and editorial operations are being consolidated. I think Gannett has figured out that catering to local advertisers (pretty much the city and the donor class) is futile when everyone cancels their subscriptions. So, it is starting to write a few revealing stories although I suspect it is a too little, too late situation. The person that wrote about election results timing is correct. Print editions done at a distance aren’t going to have the same timeliness when news occurs in the evening. It isn’t lack of caring, it is just the reality of deadlines.


  4. 🙈🙉🙊 says:

    Who reads a paper version anyway? The info was on the online version.


  5. Old Fart says:

    The ‘Times’ is an over priced newspaper of low quality. ‘Anonymous’ said it best: “They have been a cheerleader for local government.”

    I certainly don’t blame people for not buying that paper since they are selective and narrow in their reporting focus. Under this current, out of town management group, it seems the goal is to milk the most out of El Paso by providing shitty reporting.


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