This is not on time performance

Can anyone inform us as to the status of the new Sun Metro Brio routes?

According to the Sun Metro website the Alameda route is scheduled to be up and running “Mid 2018”.

The Dyer route is scheduled to be up and running “Late 2018”.

We deserve better


4 Responses to This is not on time performance

  1. Free Rides for Some says:

    I noticed an interesting thing in the city budget. Why is Sun Metro running free, no-fare circulator buses downtown? It is the only route that is free. Downtown businesses sure do get a lot of taxpayer support.


    • Old Fart says:

      I suspect they are doing everything possible to get ridership up, so this street car venture doesn’t become an ‘economic drain’ and embarrassing ‘white elephant.’ The two local print newspapers were pushing ‘the shit’ out of this damn thing. It’s a gift that will ‘keep shitting on us.’


    • Anonymous says:

      Why are we spending money on both circulator buses and the trolley downtown? In most downtowns, people walk.


  2. Taxpayers Are Not Worthy says:

    Sun Metro does not communicate with taxpayers or local media, but they do communicate with national trade publications. This is from a February article in Mass Transit Magazine.

    “The Alameda Brio is scheduled to open in April 2019 with the Dyer Brio following in May. Banasiak says the Montana Brio design is finished and he anticipates going out to bid sometime this summer on the project.”


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