All star subsidy

This is on the Tuesday, June 24, 2019 city council agenda:

A Resolution authorizing the City Manager or designee to make necessary budget transfers and to sign the Event Support Contract in an amount not to exceed $55,000.00 with MountainStar Sports Group LLC, dba/El Paso Stadium Operations Company for the City of El Paso to host the 2019 Triple-A Baseball All Star Game and Home Run Derby July 7 – 11, 2019.

What do you think of it?

We deserve better


11 Responses to All star subsidy

  1. John Dungan says:

    I presume that this means he’s authorized to pay them so the City can host an event in OUR ball park? Tell me again how this is going to improve downtown business? Or, help me in any way? I’m confused. Shouldn’t this be an expense to the ball club?


  2. Disgusted says:

    This is just one more subsidy for Hunt and Foster’s Mountainstar, which gets virtually all of the income from the ballpark. They get the income, we get the expenses. After all the millions of dollars of dollars they have received from taxpayers, it is disgusting that they are now sticking their hands out for $50,000. You will never see a detailed accounting of how the $50,000 is used.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just another case of these useless, arrogant, despicable El Taxo politicians, over paid public officials , like Gonzalez, blowing off, giving away TAXPAYER money for PERSONAL enrichment, personal gain. Pay offs, bribes, kick backs. And WE get NO say, NO vote. Once John CRook and those other idiots on Silly Council voted for US to pay for their ball field, the expense, the pay off, Campaign “Donations” will never end. The Politicians, people like Tommy Gonzalez are owned by Mountain Star Sports.


  4. I notice the phrase “not to exceed” Who’s taking bets it goes to the maximum?

    Also, I don’t see where the city gets to see any payback. None. Zip. Shouldn’t we get paid back first until at least our $55,000 is paid back to us?

    Why does city clowncil always protect and make money for Mountainstar and never protect the taxpayers?


    • Anonymous says:

      Uh because they all get bribes, pay offs, kick backs, campaign “Donations” from Mountain Star? Just a guess. 🙂


    • Enough Already says:

      Read the document. This money is being paid to Mountainstar. Why is the city paying a “site fee” two weeks in advance of an event that was already scheduled to take place at the ballpark that Mountainstar leases from the city? “Site fee” is a bull__t term meaning that it is money that Mountainstar will pocket. This is not OUR event and we are not the tenant, but the contract says we are paying an additional $10,000 to “successfully and safely conduct the event.” We will also be providing police support and the trollies and buses will probably be running for free. I keep hearing how much Foster and Hunt do for the city. Have we not done enough for them?


  5. Anonymous says:

    The city doesn’t give a damn about all the local business owners who work hard and run their businesses without handouts or tax breaks from the city, state or federal governments.


  6. Anonima says:

    PS – take a look at the Chihuahuas’ schedule for July and August. August almost entirely filled with home games *7-13, 19-29, July not much better. Try going downtown when the stadium is occupied…I won’t.


  7. anonymous says:

    Keep your eyes open … the next boondoggle is on the way.

    We’re going to build a park, right in front of Woody’s new building downtown.


    • You Nailed It says:

      That project is a waste of tax dollars. Woody probably wants to improve the view from his office in his new tower, so taxpayers are going to widen I-10 and build a park on top of the interstate. Enjoy the green along with the exhaust fumes from the traffic. Eminent domain will be probably have to be used to get some of the property they need on the north side of I-10. Another massive I-10 project downtown means more years of f’d up traffic.


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