Open line Saturday

Its Saturday so the readers set the agenda today.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    We have a city Economic Development Department. We have a Regional private group performing business recruitment. We have Chamber of Commerce. When does El Paso receive all the businesses flocking to the city now that we have a futbol club, minor league baseball team complete with field and park, and other local attractions like the Cemetery? Where are the automobile manufacturers? The steel mills? The firearms manufacturers? Computer manufacturers? Textile industries? Garment manufacturers? Why haven’t they realized what a wonderful place El Paso can be with its tax abatements, water parks, trolley service and plastic alligators?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    With open borders, free medical for illegal immigrants and supertax on business it is only a matter of time until we are rich beyond our wildest dreams…


    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, and someone ought to take credit for the nearly 1 million indigents those promises have attracted so far this year. Yeah, a few die along the way but hey, just imagine how many new vote for free stuff kids they’ll have. Plus, at some point, particularly if you drop the voting age to 10, they will be able to vote for amnesty for mom and dad. Then the Dems can stay in power until the Chinese call our loans.


  3. Anonymous says:

    iFly, which received $162,000 in tax breaks from the city, is already in foreclosure.


  4. chico says:

    It’s worth noting the Representative Escobar ultimately voted against the border funding bill. I guess she’d rather play politics than get necessary monies to her community and kids in need.


  5. Dan Wever says:

    Mr. Soto who used to work for the Ysleta ISD used to write articles with viable data. It seems he has gone to work for the CREED people and now writes to make them happy I guess. I guess the CREED people like what is happening if it is in the high end of Staar testing, like the Masters level of the test and Mr. Soto seems to concentrate in this area. But I wonder what the Charter School advocates wonder about the students that did not even MEET the standard for the test.
    Here are the percentage of students in Region 19 in the 3-8th grades that DID NOT MEET, the level before Mr. Soto MASTER level that we are supposed to be so proud of.
    56% of Reading
    50% of Mathematics
    62% ofWriting
    51% of Science
    67% of Social Studies

    If the businessmen of CREED are happy with these figures then they must be looking forward to keeping the $7.25 an hour minimum wage and having plenty of employees that will qualify for the jobs. 😞

    Soto Article From the El Paso Times 6/15/2019


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