EPISD pay raise

This came in from Dan Wever:

Media people are saying that EPISD teachers to get a 6% raise.  I doubt this but the Superintendents salary is tied to teacher raises and here are his annual increase with 4,5 and 6%.
4% $14,511
5% $18,139
6% $21,766.80
If they get the 6% that will make his base salary $384,546.80 with the $30,000 cash benefits stipend in his contract makes it $414,546.80.  He also gets 35 vacation days which he can and must sell back to the district at his daily rate if not used by end of July.  This makes his vacation days worth $56,182.74which he usually cashes in.  Of course, then you have an $18,000 car allowance and a $14,400 home office annual allowance.  Then you add his retirement (TRS) benefits, Medical and Dental care, 1,000,000 life insurance policy a 20,000 dollar annuity and various other perks.
I had said that he was the highest paid superintendent in the State and someone challenged me on the statement showing me the Cypress-Fairbanks Supers salary and then I showed them that that superintendent works 250 days while ours only works 226, however, Cypress guy does have twice as many students.
And do not even try to compare what Cabrera spends on social functions, dues, etc…………………………………You cannot! If he sticks around about 10 more years all the students will be gone and the budget will be his salary!  😦

10 Responses to EPISD pay raise

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    The raise passed by the legislature was supposed to benefit teachers. Heralded as a $5000.00 across the board raise. In reality it is turning out to be less as the EPISD “interpolates” the law to mean teachers do indeed receive a longevity raise (you know- where you’ve been working for 20 years and every year you get a little bump to reward you for staying)- something that hasn’t happened in a couple of years or so; 30 % of the allocated money could be used for support and administrative raises. Instead. Teachers will get the longevity bump (maybe as much as 200.00 per year), and a calculated increase that somewhere in the twisted finance math comes out to about 6%, but in reality is probably only another 200.00. These are all guesses as the magic show behind the curtain hasn’t been revealed yet. It does look like all administrators will benefit greatly. Oh and now they are paying principals an additional stipend based on the number of students in their school. I know the old saw about you don’t get into teaching for the money, but it looks like you get into educational administration for the bucks. I’m getting my popcorn ready for this one.


  2. Anonymous says:

    No one is going to ask why the teachers get a raise at all considering their dismal performance in teaching our children? Of course public school administrators are overpaid leeches. So are teachers. And NONE of them are accountable for their poor performance.


    • Mike Schwartz says:

      Having been there and done that, I would agree that many are not teachers but were trained as test rehearsal coaches/ administrators instead. Difficult to teach students when administration demands standardized testing “reviews” every three days. Also difficult to actually teach when students know they can do nothing or the bare minimum and still pass. And parents DEMAND their child be passed or given a diploma. Different times now.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Why does the EPISD board hire such overpaid and under skilled people from outside El Paso? The next Super, and I hope he/she come quickly, will probably get even more the JC.


    • Dan Wever says:

      This board did not hire Cabrera. Dee Margo did as he (and his rubber stamp republican board) wanted an Education Reformer for the position so he hired this guy who was not a Superintendent and knew very little about running a school district. So, as soon as Cabrera got here he hired outside help in the form of Bill Gates old fix the high schools of America Exec to write a plan for the EPISD. He wrote the strategic plan for the EPISD and it has been going to vendors for education ever since. This board has been giving Cabrera extensions and large raises and his contract runs for about 4 and a half years so doubt if firing him is in the books, however, maybe a good audit might help him leave.


      • Anonymous says:

        A “Good audit………..” or a good Texas Ranger, FBI investigation. The local Law “Enforcement”, useless District Attorney, don’t see nuthin, don’t hear nuthin, don’t know nuthin. Just like the crime spree, organization of Lorenzo Garcia. Corruption, Judges, Public Officials, politicians, “We didn’t know nuthin, didn’t even suspect nuthin……………………” Inherent public corruption in El Taxo.


  4. Anonymous says:

    In the poor, OVER TAXED town of El Taxo and the SCHOOL BOARD, “Trustees” hire this UNQUALIFIED clown at HALF-MILLION$$$$$ a year. What has HE done to earn this give away? Cabrera and his minions are no less a criminal operation than Lorenzo Garcia. Graduates, “Johnny, Suzie, Juan” still can’t read, write or do math. WHY ?? And why are Teachers in my neighborhood WORKING the Summer break? Maybe they just don’t have family lives, just park at the schools and hang out? EPISD – Tax, waste, spend, tax US more. Where is the FBI this time?


  5. Anonymous says:

    I am disgusted and fed up with things work around here.


  6. Anonymous says:

    His contract is until Jan of 2024.


  7. texstud911 says:

    Not one comment on what the voting public will do about it if teachers dont get the raise. Funny how the kid i voted for in dist 3 joshua beat the old lefty lawyer rene vargas twice promises he is gonna look into the budget. Hope acevedo does right by us. We stuck witb him the aft and el paso teachers union gave vargas lots of money, twice and he got beat twice. Hope klayel also looks into the budget. Hope they fire cabrera and they can with a majority. Hahaha. Ross moore and the union gave money to vargas and josh beat him by 4 votes. Gotta love central voters when they are getting fleeced by a sub standard district admin and demand change. Vargas lost. Lol


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