Simple way to resolve the arena issue

The city does not have to go through with building the multipurpose performing arts and entertainment center (commonly referred to as the arena).

In The bond election can be revoked we pointed out a state law that allows the voters the option of cancelling the authority to issue previously approved bonds.

Shouldn’t city council put the issue to a test?

If enough voters decide to revoke the bonds then the center cannot be built unless another election occurs where the voters approve it.

If there are not enough votes to revoke the bonds then the voters would have spoken and the city should build the center.

Sounds simple enough

We would also avoid the mounting costs of litigation.

The statute is found in chapter 1252 of the Texas Government Code.

Contact your city representative and ask them to vote to call the election.  You should also ask the mayor.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Simple way to resolve the arena issue

  1. Anonymous Poster #7 says:

    They should do a lot of things that would be considered responsible, fiscally and otherwise. But they won’t.

    As soon as they start releasing the design for the “arena” they will tell everyone that there is already a deal in place to lease it to Mountainstar Sports for less than the cost of annual maintenance plus taxpayers will provide free security and parking enforcement.

    There should be a series on how true anything they said about the ballpark ended up being, a lot of claims were made about how good it would be for the community.


    • John Dungan says:

      Regardless of your belief that ‘they’ won’t do anything, we need to make the effort to contact our reps and the Mayor to hold an election. An honest election.


  2. Anonymous says:

    And then after an election and enough homeowners, TAXPAYERS don’t show up to vote “No”, then the people, POLITICIANS, idle RICH of El Taxo , who WILL PROFIT from another con, scam on taxpayers, should PAY for it. This Arena is just another con job on US “Stupid, ignorant peons”, like the ball field con the politicians and their “Donors” worked on El Taxo. With MILLIONS$$$$ added to the cost every year, TAXPAYERS will never see a dime of profit and it will never be paid off. I’m sure these same politicians have already figured ways to get around the new state laws, limiting Property Taxes and what THEY can do to US.


    • archaic578 says:

      A vote of the people! It seems that none of you who comment have acknowledged we had a vote of the people on May 4 and 89% of the people voted for open space even though for most of them it wasn’t in their council district. A majority in every single council district voted FOR natural open space. We can capitalize on that win but it takes a little work to organize people to go out and get two petitions signed, put up some money for signs and info cards and TV ads. I was part of that effort. It is very discouraging to read all your comments and for all these 11 years I’ve been in El Paso I do not see anyone make any attempt to MAKE CHANGE. There is no point to reading blogs like this with complaints all the time when no one does anything.


      • Not So Quick says:

        There was discussion about the Lost Dog Trail win weeks ago. Commenters were encouraged by the vote, but also legitimately concerned that city council would look for ways to overturn or work around the wishes of the people.

        You’re assuming the worst in other people. You don’t know what any of us are doing offline. Feel free to stop reading, but before you leave take a look at the Sound Off page. It was created to encourage people to MAKE CHANGE by making their voices heard and holding elected officials accountable.


  3. Lack of Funds says:

    If the original vote were to stand on a re-vote, the site litigation would continue. Because of bad cost estimates, changes in plans, project delays, etc., the QOL projects have cost more than planned. There is not enough QOL bond money left to build everything that was in the bond and the city has already acknowledged that the multipurpose center aka arena will cost more than originally planned. One report said that it will cost $70,000,000 more than originally thought. If there is not enough QOL bond money to build the arena, the arena should be cancelled due to a lack of funds. I don’t think the bond said that we would be obligated to incur additional debt to build ALL of these projects. Or did it? The bottom line is that no one in city hall wants to look for an out because they want whatever Paul and Woody want and those boys want an arena.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly right. Because the people that WE “elect”, that are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT US, are OWNED by dose boyz dat demand that arena. Consequence?? No more back-pocket money, campaign “donations” for them politicians whut DON’T suck up to dose boyz. Money TALKS. PAY-OFF money in back-pockets speaks loudest. There is no place for Ethics, Honor, Integrity in El Taxo politiks. “You grab what you can from the “Peons” as long as you can, then take the money bags and RUN.


  4. JerryK says:

    Wasn’t Ms. Fuzzy Math CFO then for those estimates?


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