Bonds have to be paid for

The proposed 2020 city budget includes $61.5 million dollars for principal payments on bonds that were sold in the past.

Can you imagine what it will be if the voters pass the almost one billion dollars in bond money that the city wants?

We deserve better


7 Responses to Bonds have to be paid for

  1. Anonymous says:

    we should rename debt and increased taxes to donald trump. that way local politicians will be opposed to it

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  2. Enough Already says:

    It’s not even 8 a.m. and the comments today are already toxic and mean spirited.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we need to ask , “What THEY do with all the MONEY”?? They don’t fix streets, THEY don’t clean up the city, except for MAYBE their downtown “Jewel”, there are few to no Police working the streets and yet THEY are buying NEW Police cars. Schools are closing, less students and yet Cabrera and EPISD are still a money sponge. Maybe take HALF of Cabrera’s HALF-MILLION$$$ and give Teachers pay raises? How many MILLIONS$$$ in taxpayer$$$ are dumped into the ball field? That is an “Albatross” around the necks of taxpayers, that will never be paid off and taxpayers will never, ever see a dime “profit”. Cut the “Fat”, combine El Paso School Districts. ONE Superintendent that is QUALIFIED to educate students. Get rid of that other money “sponge”, City “Manager”. If the Mayor can’t do the JOB, then get one that can. The City “Manager, Cabrera are carpet baggers, just passing through, taking all the money in outrageous pay checks they can get from US and always want MORE, MORE. These people, the Mayor, City “Manager”, Clown Council, Commissioners are incapable of fixing ANYTHING. It’s just tax, waste, spend, tax some more. Do El Pasoans a favor. Declare BANKRUPTCY and let the Courts, State take over. Yes, we deserve better, but NOTHING ever gets BETTER for the PEOPLE. Just another Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland

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