Vetoing the city budget

Our mayor has vetoed the proposed city budget.

Facing election evidently can have an effect on a politician’s behavior.

Things will get interesting.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Vetoing the city budget

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    I think he is doing it because he realizes even our rubber stamp voters won’t vote for a bond issue if they’ve just gotten a tax increase. And I think City Council will override, which hopefully will make folks vote no for the bond issue. That said I plan to vote against Margo should he run for anything again (and I did not vote for him for Mayor based on his EPSID bad decisions). I’m also voting no on the bond. I hope others do to.

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    • chico says:

      Ticked off, I’m with you. Margo’s EPISD foolishness has set this community back at least a decade. He hired Juan Cabrera. The blood of uneducated children is on Margo’s hands.

      I’d rather have one of the clowns fighting in the Whataburger versus Juan C.


  2. City Cynic says:

    Kabuki theater…does anyone believe that a guy who is willing to throw $250million into the construction of an arena that no one actually voted for really cares about the budget? Got some good press though…


  3. Anonymous says:

    The taxpayers, voters, WORKING people of El Taxo should “Veto” every one of them who is up for re-election. THEY do only for themselves, people who stuff their pockets, campaign “Donations”. THEY have done nothing, do nothing for US. Tax, waste, spend, increase taxes on US. Do ANY of THEM pay local TAXES??????


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