Speak up

Evidently city council will vote tomorrow (Tuesday, August 20, 2019)  on the issue of overriding the mayor’s veto of the city budget that council passed.

Some of the council members cannot run for re-election because of term limits.

Those members will probably vote for overriding the veto since they don’t have to think about keeping their jobs.

Other members will be given a chance to pretend that they support lower taxes.

Now is the time to contact your city council member and tell them what you think.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Speak up

  1. City Cynic says:

    ANd why not build a free-standing Cultural Center, with an included memorial for the victims of the Walmart shooting, and drop the effort to trick the voters into supporting higher taxes to honor the dead?


  2. I would rather see the city donate a portion of the park on the other side of viscount boulevard so that a private project can be built there as the memorial. This would not cost the citizens of El Paso any money because there would be no tax losses because the city already owns that property and it is not taxed. Also the private project would probably come in more financially efficient as they almost always do and could be maintained by the city parks and recreation department as a part of their regular budgeted items in the 1st place. What do you all think?


  3. good governance oxymoron says:

    Maybe we should get the YISD Board of Trustees to run the city.

    They voted to put a $425 million bond on the November ballot
    they DECREASED the tax rate by 10 cents, going from $1.45 to $1.35 per $100 valuation on a home effective this upcoming tax bill.

    They also give an additional 20% homestead exemption so the actual rate for homeowners will probably be under $1 most likely about $0.95


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