This item is on the Tuesday, August 20, 2019 city council agenda:

Resolution authorizing the City of El Paso to approve a resolution to Condemn the Weaponization of Political Rhetoric that promotes the demonization and dehumanization of people of Hispanic origin and other minorities and cultivates an environment of hatred and violence.

They might go a little further and condemn demonizing and dehumanizing anyone regardless of origin.

Then again that would require putting some thought into what they do.

Please note that in spite of their stand on what others might say council has imposed the highest tax rate of the fifty largest cities in the United States on us.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Hypocritical

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Honestly I judge people by behavior and over the years I haven’t seen bad behavior be limited to any one ethnicity, race or gender. But I do feel we are moving to a society where it is becoming “racist” to call out bad behavior if that individual belongs to a “protected” ethnicity, race or gender. This resolution just feeds that attitude. It is wrong to criticize any demographic group as a whole, but equally wrong to assume that membership in that group turns everyone into an honor student. Societally we’d be a lot better off if we discarded the politics of division and had an honest conversation about how to handle immigration in a way that broadened legal status options but had a zero tolerance policy and fast deportation for folks who broke that law. The current system is a slap in the face to every person who comes here legally and path to exploitation for those who hide in the shadows.


  2. Anonymous says:

    “It’s for the Police”. That is the very SAME lie that comes from EPISD every year, every Bond vote. “It’s for the children”. There have been few to NO Police on the streets for months, years. And that is because of POLITICIANS in El Taxo. THEY don’t want to PAY them. THEY don’t want to pay Over time. THEY don’t want to fund retirements. You can drive from North East south on 54, take the loop to the East side, across the mountain, West, drive I-10 East to West and NEVER see more than 2-3 patrol cars, including Sheriff, if even that many.. The people WORKING the streets, highways , taking up the slack, doing the JOB of El Taxo “Law Enforcement”, is DPS Troopers. Even in school zones. So exactly what is it these POLITICIANS want this money for, that THEY have to increase taxes on US? The station parking lots are filled with vehicles, including NEW ones just bought. Where are the Officers? Escorting the Mayor, Clown Council, watching a ball game, at Walmart, the Mall NOW? It took Police six very long minutes to “respond” to a terrorist incident, a mass murder. By the time they got there, the killer was out of ammo and GONE, in a car, trying to escape. There is no “Law Enforcement” in El Taxo, just corrupt, useless POLITICIANS. When do the lawsuits start for the mass murders???


  3. Rank and File says:

    El Paso ranks about #270 in per capita income and about #330 in GDP per capita. We rank #136 in educational attainment. We rank #1 in taxes, #15 in quality of education gap, and #22 in worst ozone pollution.

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  4. JerryK says:

    The inconvenience of the First Amendment 🙂


  5. anonymous says:

    This is going to backfire bigly once national news reports that in 2007 the El Paso City Council, which included Beto and Byrd (now Escobar’s Chief of Staff), voted to approve $100K to fund the Glass Beach study

    A racist, demeaning, demoralizing study which characterized Hispanics in El Paso as “gritty”, “dirty”, “lazy”, “uneducated”, and “spanish speaking” while suggesting that they be replaced with more attractive and educated people, like Mathew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, a Spaniard.

    To this day neither Beto, Byrd, nor Escobar who was a County Commissioner, denounced the racist characterization of El Paso Hispanics, in fact they appeared to have defended it as “progress”.

    Here is a link to the slide in case you missed it.


    • Anonymous says:

      And that is why EVERYDAY politicians, Public Officials in El Taxo look at El Pasoans, US, as “Stupid, ignorant peons”. WE will fall for anything. Tax increases: WE have to pay for a ball field for a rich guy. WE have to build WATER parks in the DESERT. WE have to build a little (USELESS) trolley car, because a POLITICIAN wants it. WE have to pay and pay to “Beautify” downtown El Taxo, which is never anything but one big yard sale, homeless “Shelter”. The rest of the city is broken streets, blowing trash, dog poop. The only thing that ever changes here is the names of the politicians, public officials that do “stuff” to US, for their benefit, pay off. The MAJORITY of City, County OFFICIALS in El Taxo may be “Brown” on the “Outside”, but they are all POLITICIAN on the “Inside”. And the “Wants” of POLITICIANS always come first over US “Stupid, ignorant peons”.


  6. Tom Busch says:

    Ozone. I knew it.


  7. texstud911 says:

    they hated mexicans when joyless joyce wilson was ruining el paso and they love them now because they need their tax dollars to show their love for white people. but foster donated a hospital in lieu of paying taxes


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