EPISD lowering its property tax rate

Take a look at this:

The chart shows EPISD’s property tax rates for last year along with the rate they are considering for next year.

The end result is that they are considering lowering the combined tax rate from $1.31 per hundred dollars of property valuation to $1.2684 per hundred.

They are lowering the operations and maintenance rate while increasing the interest and sinking fund rate.  Remember that we allowed them to take ten cents away from the interest and sinking fund rate and add it to the operations and maintenance rate.  The effect of the change was to increase the amount that the state gives the district.

That is the other part of the news.  You can see that last year the state gave the district $5,554 per student while next year they are projecting $6,686 from the state.

This is better


8 Responses to EPISD lowering its property tax rate

  1. Every Silver Lining Has a Dark Cloud says:

    A decline in the RATE is deceptive. That doesn’t mean they get less money. If the tax appraisal on your property goes up, EPISD can still be taking as much or more of your money than they did in the prior year. The more important questions are how much more do they plan to spend over the current year and how is that additional money going to be allocated. I still do not trust EPISD and Cabrera with our money or the future of our kids.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. apparently the Board Clowns, Cabrera couldn’t dream up anything to waste money on. Cabrera must not have needed ANOTHER pay raise. But the El Taxo Clown Council did vote in the majority, to INCREASE our taxes AGAIN. Only Sam Morgan, North East Rep, voted NO to the increases. Guess the one Clown needed MILLIONS$$$ more for his little trolley bizness. Broke, bankrupt, loser already, but he, they will continue to pour more money down the trolley toilet. Just like all the other “Stuff” THEY want. One fool even said, ” WE want all this money to CUT response time for the police”. Just lies, BS. There are few to NO Police on the streets of El Taxo. The POLITICIANS have turned the Police into a “Reaction force”. The station parking lots are FULL, including NEW vehicles. It took Police 6 minutes, PLUS to respond to a MAJOR terrorist incident, a mass murder. Who was actually there FIRST? Border Patrol, Texas Troopers, Federal Agents? The Clown Council wants OUR money, a tax INCREASE for their “Stuff”. THEY do nothing for the PEOPLE of El Taxo. They “Represent” only whatever THEY can get, TAKE from US.


  3. Rico Suave says:

    Newsflash for El Taxo:
    El Paso City council overrides mayor’s budget veto; residential property taxes go up for 3rd year in row


    • This was no shocker at all. The only two that voted no are Morgan and Rivera who are playing the same political theater that Margo did when he vetoed the budget. They’re all up for reelection but knew that there were six to cover the override vote. It’s all a bunch of BS.


    • good governance oxymoron says:

      It was reported this increase would pay for police.

      Are they still planning on going forward with a bond ballot asking for another $250+ million for police???


      • Anonymous says:

        In the last month, I have seen truck carriers on I-10, down South with 10-12 NEW EP Police cars. heading this way. What are they going to do with them? Why the expense, wasted TAXPAYER$$$??. There are few to NO Police working the streets of El Taxo. The station parking lots are filled with vehicles.. The POLITICIANS in El Taxo have turned the Police here into a “Reaction force”. They come out, MAYBE when an emergency happens. Six minutes PLUS to respond to a terrorist incident, mass murder?? El Pasoans are very lucky that the killer ran out of ammo BEFORE the Police got there and he was already GONE. How many could have died that day?? And now the useless POLITICIANS, Clown Council want MILLIONS$$$$ more, just so THEY can INCREASE taxes.


  4. JerryK says:

    What is Brutus’s email? I have something humorous I want to send him and lost his address in my recent email hack. The address below works for me.


    Much grass


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