Not doing her job

At the August 6, 2019 meeting of city council our city attorney spoke about ethics training as well as council members having a better understanding of Roberts Rules of Order.

Then astoundingly she indicated that having a more robust understanding of Roberts Rules would help even her.

Doing her job

Unfortunately this council as well as past councils has appointed the city attorney to also be the city parliamentarian.  This job should be done by someone who is not dependent upon the good will of city council.

She should know the rules backwards and forwards.  She should see to it that council meetings are conducted using those rules since council has voted to use them.

The job of city parliamentarian has been assigned to her.  She should have learned the rules before the very next council meeting.

While we’re at it

She should also see to it that council takes no action that is illegal.  She should be completely familiar with the Texas Open Meetings Act and see to it that the act is obeyed.


She should also see to it that the rules about providing backup material when items are placed on the agenda.  Too often presentations are made at council meetings without them having been made available for viewing by the public 72 hours before a meeting.

If she doesn’t have time to handle these things she might assign one of her ample staff to do them for her.

Otherwise she should resign as parliamentarian.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Not doing her job

  1. Astro Anonymous says:

    What are they going to do, or who will they tell if they violate the Texas Open Meetings Act ?
    Oh, that’s right . . . . no one.
    Who is going to enforce the Texas Open Meetings Act ?

    What, . . Is there a Judge or Prosecutor from from Austin standing there with a bailiff enforcing the law ?


  2. Jud says:

    Dee “hold the line on taxes” Margo has one job while in office – to erect the Borderplex Alliance epic monument to fiscal stupidity, the El Paso Sports Arena FUSTERCLUCK.

    City attorney Karla Nieman was hired above at least two other much more experienced and qualified candidates for one reason only.

    Margo publicly stated that she was chosen because of her indepth knowledge of the arena litigation situation.

    This is why she plays fast and loose with the law. And she does it somewhat better than the disgraced ex-city attorney Sylvia Borunda-Firth. All those behind closed doors executive sessions that Margo conducts are with her illegal cooperation. She knows how to exploit loopholes on his behalf.

    Same is now happening with the way they are handling Cassandra Hernandez’s ouster (I don’t mind seeing Hernandez go because she is toxic to El Paso in many ways, but then again so is the majority of City Council and the mayor).

    Nieman is just another tool used by Margo to accomplish the Borderplex Alliance’s agenda. Margo himself is a tool as well, he just won’t admit it.

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  3. Anonymous One says:

    Why not run for office?


  4. archaic578 says:



  5. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Very well said, Jud!


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