Right in front of their faces

From a recent presentation to city council:

Let’s see:

  • Local manufacturers buy $39 billion of goods and services each year
  • Local suppliers provide 2% of that


If city council thinks it is responsible for economic development why don’t they focus on finding ways to raise the percentage above 2% instead of giving money away for water resorts and sports stadiums?

We deserve better


5 Responses to Right in front of their faces

  1. tim says:

    2% equals $78,000,000. How many local businesses provide the goods or services needed?

    Does the $39 billion include spending for hotels and meal?


  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Unfortunately, the bulk of that bought elsewhere is likely electronic components. Those manufacturers have been in Asia for over three decades and aren’t likely to move (cost and permitting time). PCB fabricators could move but that is a water intensive industry that has been discouraged in regions with water availability concerns (it’s why Mexico doesn’t have a PCB fab industry). When I see a slide like that, I get concerned that smoke and mirrors are involved. The better slide would be a breakdown of the commodities and services bought and the targeted businesses likely to be a fit for transfer to El Paso. We haven’t strategically looked at this in decades (Santa Teresa’s folks do that, but here in EP we think that is too 20th century). It would be a good avenue to explore as long as the focus is on projects that actually fit the likely supply chain requirements and the developable capabilities of our region.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Because the MONEY for the Water Parks, Sports Parks, Base Ball stadiums comes from OUTSIDE of El Paso. “Money people” willing to pay the pay offs, kick-backs, campaign “Donations” to the local politicians, for the GREAT opportunity to fleece US “Stupid, ignorant peons” for MILLIONS$$$ more. And of course the POLITICIANS will FORCE the taxpayers to pay for all their “Projects”, wants, wishes. WHY is their no industry in El Taxo?? Because GM, Ford, GE, Honda, Chrysler, Builders, Manufacturers, refuse to get involved in the REQUIRED campaign “Donations”, just to do bizness HERE. “Pay to Play”.


  4. John Dungan says:

    Seeing who is involved in this thing (I wonder who Donald R. Margo III might be), and what is on the slide, I have questions. Which Maquiladoras? When the slide talks about local, does that mean local to Juarez or local to El Paso? Just what are the goods and services that they purchase, and from where do they purchase them? Was this presented as a way to get more of our tax dollars for this “Bridge” thing?


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