Our county commissioners evidently want to raise their pay to $115,000 per year each.

For what?

We deserve better


7 Responses to Overpaid?

  1. John Dungan says:

    I am old enough that I remember when it was understood that these were not full time jobs, they were actually considered to be a public service, and it was also understood that no one in public service in El Paso could expect to be paid on a par with the rest of Texas. This is unconscionable, and the next opportunity to effect a clean sweep of locally elected officials must include these greedy folks along with those over at what is now City Hall.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Exactly . For what?? They are already OVERPAID for the little menial ” job” they have, do. What is it exactly that THEY do for US? Okay, okay, I’ll make a list 1. THEY run for re-election. 2. THEY increase TAXES on US. 3. THEY increases TAXES on US. 4. THEY increase TAXES……………….If THEY want MORE money (NOT from US), then THEY need to get off the “Royal Dais”, get out find a REAL, actual JOB and stop leeching off of US. THEY should be paid by the HOUR. They are one of the lower life-forms in El Taxo. POLITICIANS. Just like the other leeches, the Clown Council. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. Lie, deny, deceive, cover up.

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  3. Fed Up says:

    The solution is simple. Vote out everyone who voted for the raise.


  4. elrichiboy says:

    Only Vince and Dave voted for the indexing system that resulted in these raises, and Dave’s not up for re-election till 2022. Everyone else who voted for pegging Commissioner’s salaries to other counties’ has already moved on. I suspect this year’s budget passed unanimously.


    • anonymous says:

      Vince Perez, David Stout, And Carlos Leon were all in office when Escobar pushed this through and voted for pegging their salaries to other Counties.

      None of them could justify the counties used to defend the salary increase and none of them cared to even try. They truly believe they are entitled.

      Although state law allows them to increase their own salaries there is nothing in the law preventing them from putting the Commissioner Court salary proposal on the ballot.

      Escobar did not want to because she knew it would fail as they were already making more than the actual time or value of the work done by Commissioners Court warrants.

      Brutus, you had a post back then about the raises. Is it possible to repost?


  5. Dan` Wever says:

    They must all think they are plumbers

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  6. Voter says:

    We need some new commissioners who will advocate for repeal of the current compensation system and for the lowering salaries.


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