Water park not decided

The water park/hotel people were given 18 months to decide whether to take our $97 million dollar gift that they can use to build a $100 million hotel.

See Water park incentive totals.

The clock started ticking in November of 2018.

Could it be that they want more?

We deserve better


8 Responses to Water park not decided

  1. Fed Up says:

    Everyone needs to click and read your original post. The amount of money being gifted to this private enterprise is absurd and disgusting. The related land swap was also a deal that benefitted a billionaire at taxpayer expense. There is more to this deal beneath the surface.

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  2. Anonymously Anonymous says:

    Looks like someone may have fallen for the old ‘Colombo Negotiating Technique’ – “Oh wait, one more thing…”

    Perhaps they are now considering moving it to Durangito.


  3. Al-Monogamous says:

    Since they started this. . . I’ve been posting on their Great Wolf Lodge facebook page that:
    “They are NOT welcome here and that we have a shortage of water and we are not allowed to water our own lawns like we want or should. Why do they think they can come use our water like that ?”

    Above is what I’ve posted about 4 times now.
    Keep posting to them if you can.
    Right in the middle of ANY of their FB posts so their MANAGEMENT and Board of Directors will see it as they . . FB surf . . from the safety of their homes.


  4. Anonymous says:

    All these scam artists carpetbaggers will TAKE our money. The politicians will GIVE them whatever they want and INCREASE our TAXES to give to THEM.


  5. good governance oxymoron says:

    Apparently they have been meeting.


    It looks like the Great Wolf project for Northwest El Paso is still a go. Executives with the chain of indoor waterparks have been in El Paso recently for meetings. And the city is reworking what’s called the 380 agreement for incentives. It could come before City Council in a few weeks.


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