Traffic jam

Are our El Paso police instructed to not direct traffic at accident scenes?

The was an accident on Mesa the other day that brought the roadway down to one lane from three.  The police that were on scene did not direct traffic.  Instead they allowed the traffic lights to control the intersection.

The result was a long line of cars waiting to get through from one direction and no cars from the perpendicular direction.  The police stood around waiting for a wrecker.

Hopefully our readers can let us know what the city’s policy is in this regard.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Traffic jam

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s what the Police do in El Taxo. “Stand around”. The Mayor, Clown Council have turned the Police into a “Reaction Force”. THEY are SENT out when something happens. The POLITICIANS of El Taxo don’t want to PAY them, FUND them or fund RETIREMENTS. Just twist the arms, conscience of TAXPAYERS. “Got to have a TAX INCREASE”. “It’s for the CHILDREN. It’s for the WATER PARK. IT’s for the POLICE”. SIX very long minutes to “Respond” to a mass murder, a TERRORIST incident. WHO CAUSED that DELAY???????? Did they have to FIND money to gas up vehicles, buy bullets?? “Nope, that money is for the Mayors, Clown Councils coffee, donut fund, can’t use that.” The POLITICIANS of El Taxo are an insult, a disgrace to OUR Police. My words are NOT for, against OUR Police. My Son is a Texas Deputy. We lost our Grandson, a Texas Deputy, in 2016. WE are a “Blue Line” family. In El Taxo, a VERY thin “Blue Line”.


  2. Rico Suave says:

    Support or men/ women in BLUE and we need more !!!
    Unfortunately the way our city is run will mean more taxes…


  3. BabyApe says:

    All the officers that should have been out there directing traffic were at the West side Command Center. If you don’t think so drive by the patrol car parking lot behind Sunset at Osborn and it is full of NEW vehicles just sitting all day long.


    • Anonymous says:

      I would think that EVERY Station is like that. They are called PARKING lots for a reason in El Taxo and the Northeast Division is like that. During the last month or so have seen two car haulers, with 5-6 NEW patrol cars each coming West bound to El Paso. How many more?? Maybe they just PARK the new cars at the ball field to impress all the MILLIONS of touristas? Maybe they are just used for PARADES or to escort the Mayor, Clown Council? Maybe just to soak up budget money without explaining, justifying anything?


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