EPISD–future school closures

At the August 29, 2019 EPISD Board of Trustees Facilities Committee Meeting the members were informed of “future school closures”.

Does anyone know which schools are on their list?

We deserve better


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  1. Brutus says:

    This came in through email:

    Jacobs originally recommended the closure of 22 or 21 schools. Here is their recommendation embraced by then Board Manager Margo and later by Fenenbock and Hatch:

    Click to access el%20paso%20isd%20state%20of%20school%20facilities%20final%20plus%20campus%20fca%20reports%20final.pdf

    Here’s the most recent list of schools on the closure schedule:



  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. The EPISD report is from 2014. The KVIA article is from 2015. Has the sender been asleep for four years? It would be nice if the sender had included their conclusions and the points they were trying to make.


  3. good governance oxymoron says:

    I know this has nothing to do with EPISD school closures but this incident is disgusting.

    The EPISD Board needs to do the right thing and donate the letter and bronze medal to the Chamizal Museum on behalf of Manny Val the WWII as per his wishes as the rightful owner.

    Clearly EPISD does not value or respect the WWII vet or the Chamizal area as evidenced by their negligent treatment of the letter, the medal, and the damage that has already occurred by dumping a historic artifact in a storage facility.

    Please send emails to the EPISD board and request WWII vet Manny Val’s letter from LBJ and Medal be donated to the Chamizal Museum as per his wishes. And if you know any vet maybe you could ask them to speak up too.


    Ownership dispute over LBJ letter, Chamizal medal to World War II vet ensnares EPISD, Bowie alum



    • Dan` Wever says:

      There is another item that I often wonder about. It was a German Swastika Flag from WWII captured just before the Battle of the Rapido River where Capt. Chapin was killed. The flag had been signed by the men of “E” Company including Chapin. The district did not want to display it around 2000 when it was presented to me and then I to Chapin High School. The reason given me was that the Swastika should not be shown. I was told it was put in their safe but I have always wondered if someone ran off with it. It was about 30″ by 20 inches. I would think it would be valuable.


      • good governance oxymoron says:

        Although historic particularly since it was Company E I do not think it is appropriate to display a flag with a swastika either.

        If it has not been stolen, I do think EPISD should donate that flag to the Ft Bliss Museum. They would have enough Company E and WWII historic artifacts to put it in proper historic context for an exhibit.

        Also the Ft Bliss Museum has the proper facilities to preserve the artifact..


  4. Save my taxes says:

    Is it at all in the realm of possibilities that the schools discussed for future closure are those that are being consolidated into new builds? You know, the ones voted on and approved? Just throwing out a wild guess that seems to be crazy to be presented at a facilities meeting. Sorry it doesn’t fit with the evil corrupt narrative of EPISD secretly closing schools behind everyone’s back. Also, I wonder what Jacobs would recommend now as the number of school closures if they have experienced declining enrollment of about 1,000 a year since 2014 when the report was published. If the average elementary is about 500 students and it is been 5 years of decline of 5000 students that seems like another 10 schools should be added to the list to close.


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