Sun Metro shrinks

Take a look at this schedule from Sun Metro.

It appears that many of the bus routes will lose service on Sundays starting September 22, 2019.

Also several of the routes show “Runs less frequently”.

It looks like they are shrinking.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Sun Metro shrinks

  1. John Dungan says:

    So, finally, I have to ask: Why do we deserve better? If people don’t want to use public transportation, that sort of suggests that not only do they NOT deserve better, but they don’t need it! Please let me allow you to remind you all that the City of Arlington, Texas (home of Six Flags Over Texas, The Texas Rangers, a yuge water park, and the home of the Dallas Cowboys, to name just a few attractions) does not have public transportation. They don’t want it, and apparently, they don’t need it.


    • Our Mouths are Bigger than our Stomachs! says:

      I rarely agree with you but I do agree with you that we don’t need the level of public transportation that we currently have. However, your comparison of El Paso to Arlington is absurd. El Paso has nothing like those places to offer. Plus, you are wrong about the city of Arlington not having public transportation. The Entertainment district where all of those places you mentioned are located does have a trolley system.The difference? They actually have a need unlike ours that goes from nowhere to nowhere.


    • Anonymous says:

      Arlington is the first large city in the nation to ditch public transit for a private ride-sharing service. A pilot program operated by Via Transportation has operated successfully since launching service in December, charging riders $3.

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  2. James W Peterson says:

    Is the budget going to shrink proportionately? Will the contractor responsible be rewarded with a new sweet contract?


    • Fed Up says:

      Don’t blame the contractor. They operate according to city management guidelines. Blaming the contractor is exactly what your city council and the city manager want you to do.


  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time bus service shrank in accordance with ridership. I agree that THIS IS BETTER actually! As the number of riders continually shrank, they gave a trolley that now runs empty cars and a Brio system that likewise runs empty busses. This seems like their first smart move in a long time.

    I also agree that Arlington isn’t a very good comparison to El Paso, but I do think their actions show that a city can take actions that make sense, even if it defies conventional wiusdom. We don’t have to keep pushing unpopular 20th Century systems in 2019. Right or wrong, if people aren’t riding, let’s cut back on the buses.


  4. good governance oxymoron says:

    The budget is not shrinking and service is not improving.

    Sun Metro is bringing 2 new BRIO systems online which they can not afford as is so they had to cancel 26 routes

    Here’s the story link:

    Sun Metro canceling Sunday service on some routes to support two new Brio systems


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