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  1. Dan` Wever says:

    Did anyone ever wonder just what the goals for students in the EPISD were? Here they are.
    Of course, you have to wait till 2022 to even see if these goals have been accomplished. The goals are always pushed 3 or 4 years in the future just in case anyone wants to check to see if anything is being accomplished toward actually educating our EPISD Students.
    I have always marveled at how times change when I was young many 17 and 18-year-old delinquents were told either join the military or go to jail and today we accept going into the military as having obtained a valid High School education. Times change!
    See if you can figure out Goal #3, I won’t even bother to tell you as you would probably laugh but see if you can find out what it is, it might really be a great goal!

    Student Outcome Goals
    1. By 2022, increase pre-college completion rate and enrollment in trade, military, 2-year and 4-year college from 76% to 86%. We define higher education as industry certification, military training, or two- and four-year degree programs. TM24 (Training, Military and 2- or 4-Year College).

    2. By 2022, all 10 comprehensive high schools will achieve a graduation rate of 90% or greater, increased from 3 high schools.

    3. By 2022, increase student engagement in the classroom from 48% to 60%.


    • Dan` Wever says:

      Here is another example. These Goals were in the 20/20 Strategic Action Plan written by a Reform Education Professional for over $100,000. This was done around 2015-2016, so notice the 4-year time frame for it to be accomplished. Notice the Goal marked with ***’s. Folks it is 2019-2020 and we have 55% of STAAR Spring Reading students that took the test in all grades DID NOT MEET GRADE LEVEL, but the Superintendent was given a new 1-year extension on his very lucrative contract every year and the public was not made aware of this deficiency and do you know why? Because it says it will happen by 2020 and we are not there yet but it is a little too close so we need a couple of more years so let’s make it 2022. 🙂 Of course, the Texas Commissioner gave the EPISD a “B” so everything is OK! Of course, this Commissioner is in bed with the U.S. Secretary of Education DeVoss who would like to see all Public Schools disappear and go to Charter schools and Vouchers. 😞

      GOAL BY 2020 • Provide students with active learning experiences including project-based, inquiry-based, hands-on, deeper and multi-faceted learning experiences.
      • Create and adopt Active Learning protocols to outline strategies, options, and expectations.
      • Implement strategies for reading and authentic writing across the curriculum.
      • Develop a teacher support model, a new principal academy, an administrator’s institute, and a comprehensive district staff development plan that focuses on individual growth.
      • Provide deep technology learning experiences and tools to students.

      •*** Emphasize early literacy to ensure all students are reading at grade level by 3rd grade.***

      • Launch a Linked Learning initiative to connect students by integrating rigorous academics with career-based learning.•*** Emphasize early literacy to ensure all students


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