Not Brio, Adagio actually

In November of 2018 we wrote about the Alameda Brio being late.

We were originally told that it would start running in early 2018.

The Sun Metro web site contained this notice in December of 2018:

The other day we saw this on the Sun Metro site:

It’s getting late in 2019 so they better hurry.

We deserve better




10 Responses to Not Brio, Adagio actually

  1. Fake Mexican, Vote for Me says:

    I actually helped with this plan to enlarge the public transit system (and the trolley was my idea, too). Soon, everyone in el paso will be able to throw away their cars and only use public transportation or a bicycle to carry on their meaningless, drab lives and pay very high taxes. Your welcome.

    Whatever you do, don’t calculate the emissions from all the buses running all day and divide them by the few number of riders and try to tell me that there is no benefit to the ecosystem. That would make you a naysayer. These buses are the only reason we are not already dead from global warming.

    As a fake Mexican I am asking for your vote. ¡Vota por El Mexicano Falso!


  2. Amigo says:

    Will you be coming for our car keys in addition to our rifles? Big SUVs are bringing our planet to a sure and horrible end within 10 years. I support you 100% – you are so cute. This is not the time to panic, this is the time to give up our cars and ride the Brio in order to save the planet. I have only one request, can you start by taking the cars away from the poor first? They wouldn’t complain – at least not with thier votes. I don’t like to be hypocritical, so let’s not make a big deal about my double standard and let’s just focus on doing our part to avoid the scary end of the world.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The number of deaths from assault weapons is only a very, very small fraction of the number of deaths from automobiles. Let’s all ride the bus and be safe and clean.


  4. Fed Up says:

    One thing that has not changed is that 100% of the funding is coming out of local taxpayers’ pockets.


  5. elrichiboy says:

    If you’re still waiting for the Alameda Brio, Brutus, the best place to be would be one of the Brio bus stops on Alameda. The Alameda route started running at the end of September.


    • Brutus says:

      Thank you.

      Maybe they need to hire a website administrator.


    • Anonymous says:

      This is just one more example of incompetent management at Sun Metro. This is from today’s home page of their website.

      “Sun Metro will soon introduce two new Brio Systems — Alameda and Dyer — to improve the overall public transit system by providing faster and more effective transportation options that span from the Northeast and Mission Valley to downtown… ”

      If it cannot even management one website and disseminate up to date information, how can it manage an entire citywide bus system?

      No one at city hall or city council is paying attention either.


    • anonymous says:

      Yes and there is plenty of room because the buses are empty.

      99.9% of the Mission Valley ridership is actually from Ysleta to the Yarbrough library and EPCC.

      The northernish route from the Yarbrough library to points like Cielo Vista constitutes the vast majority and the highest ridership.

      The City refused to listen and funded this route in order to get all fed money for the other 3 routes and more importantly to avoid the cost of making the sidewalks along Alameda ADA compliant.

      They also did it so they could label it a Transit Oriented Design corridor.

      If Gallinar is elected his plan is to destroy home ownership, mostly latino, by designating entire neighborhoods illegal non-conforming in order to take the properties away from the rightful owners and pass them on for redevelopment.

      Needless to say his person “Planning” business will profit bigly.


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