Declining birth rate

El Paso is seeing a declining birth rate like most of the nation.

The county hospital shows these numbers for their first ten months of operation each year:

2017  2,458 births

2018  2,311 births

2019  2,200 births

That’s a 10.5% drop in two years.

Yet we continue to build new schools.

We deserve better



4 Responses to Declining birth rate

  1. Adios says:

    People are leaving, too. Happy trails.


  2. Anonymous says:

    But the kids we have deserve not to learn anything under the best possible circumstances. Teachers deserve the highest pay to not teach kids anything other than their political and social orthodoxy.

    Plus, people should stop having kids to combat climate change.

    Next should be a call for people who really think humans are causing climate change to remove themselves from the equation. Or, they can keep being hypocrites and live in homes, consume electricity, keep warm, fly all over the world, drive cars, ride buses, etc. i.e. continue to do nothing about what they claim is going to destroy civilization.


  3. Logic says:

    As population shifts (ie., urban sprawl) you either have to bus students from where they live to where schools were built when people lived in the center of the city or build new schools. I am assuming most parents would not want their child on a bus for a long period of time but would rather have them attend a new school in their neighborhood.


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