They must think he is guilty

Most of us do not know what Dr. Morgan did or did not do.

City council will be taking this issue up at its Tuesday, October 29, 2019 meeting:

Discussion and action that the Mayor and City Council Representatives censures and condemns Representative Sam Morgan for conduct that violates the values of El Paso in a way that is not befitting of an elected member of the Council; Representative Sam Morgan will be presented the pronouncement of censure; and Representative Sam Morgan will be censured by the public reading of this resolution at the conclusion of the City Council meeting.  Further, that Mayor and City Council do not condone domestic violence, and believe Representative Sam Morgan is entitled to due process under the law.

Talk about double speak.

The want to censure him but point out that he “is entitled to due process under the law”.

We deserve better


7 Responses to They must think he is guilty

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Totally inappropriate until his trial is held. We need to remember that in this country everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t condone the reported behavior but he is entitled to present a defense at a trial before other action is taken.

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  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    And since he is a veteran, if PTSD is involved, City Council could end up getting successfully sued if their rush to judgement prejudices his trial. City Council should be concerned with mitigating liability rather than scoring political brownie points.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Even sports teams and some companies have morals clauses in their contracts that enable them to fine, suspend or even terminate individuals for things that are not crimes or have not yet been tried in court if an internal investigation concludes that there was improper conduct that reflects poorly on the organization.

    Morgan is lucky he did not get shot by the police officers considering that he reportedly racked his weapon and came out of the bedroom with it visible. I think they knew who he was and they handled it with less force than they would have if it had been anyone else.

    He is a public official. This will be settled without a trial, he will get a slap on the wrist, and this will all go away.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The “Process” with these Democrats in El Taxo is that he IS GUILTY of whatever THEY decide. Whatever he did or didn’t do. And he “Be’s Black”. Another DemoRat “Kangaroo Court”. Sam is just another TARGET that “displeased” the El Taxo royalty, sitting on the Grande Dais.


  5. There You Go Again says:

    Another delusional anti-Democrat rant that makes no sense based on Morgan’s voting record. Next time you see Sam, you can thank him for his role in gifting Great Wolf tens of millions of dollars.

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  6. Scooby says:

    Censure is formally scolding someone for doing wrong, there’s no outcome from it, so not a trial. Biggest hypocrisy is that same body ignored due process in the case of D3 rep announcing a candidacy she later rescinded and immediately took action to remove. Since apparently that’s more evil than spousal abuse. Or could it be she doesn’t blindly side w/Mayor and cronies (Sam) and will say so. And now a runoff election to pay for although she’ll keep her seat.


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