Go ahead–do what you want

Are they nuts?

The agenda item authorizing the city manager to sign a new agreement with the water park people contains this language:

“that the City Manager be authorized to sign an Economic Development Initiative Agreement in a form substantially similar to the attached documents…”

This involves more than $100 million of our money and they don’t even want to approve the final agreement.

What does “similar” mean here?

We deserve better


8 Responses to Go ahead–do what you want

  1. John Dungan says:

    This is one ride that never ends, apparently. And, it is going too fast for me to get off! As if I had somewhere else to go. People need to vote, and that just does not seem to happen any more.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    So El Pasoans have to ask. How much POCKET MONEY will Tommy Gonzalez, the Mayor, Clown Council get, when they vote for this TAXPAYER giveaway?? Elections coming up, so THEY need campaign “Donations”. Just like the John Cook, Joyce Wilson, ball field, “Deal”. Total, inherent CORRUPTION. Somebody needs to call the FBI.

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    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Stop the ranting about parties and pockets. There are no honest politicians in office in EP anymore because the amount of money necessary to win isn’t achievable without pay for play donors. The sellouts win because people vote for whomever runs the most ads. Until voters start voting for the underdogs, this won’t change. I’ve voted no on the bond and done my best to encourage friends and neighbors to do the same. In my neighborhood it adds $100 a year to the tax bill (meaning $600 by year six), so isn’t hard to make the no argument. Early voting ends Friday. Encourage your friends to get out with a numbers based argument. The “average” El Pasoan will get a tax increase of between $36 and $48 per year that will roll up to $216-$288 by year six.

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      • Accountant says:

        Look at the names of the big donors to local campaigns and then look at what they have managed to get at taxpayer expense. Buying politicians and political offices in El Paso is really cheap when you consider the ROI.


  3. Den Wever says:

    You ask “What does “similar” mean here?”
    It is really quite simple, it means that the politicos have to practice coitus interruptus of the public and probably go to court to find out if what they call similar is really legal. And regardless of the outcome they will go back to their interruption and continue, never actually finishing the act, as that would end the process and prove to be anticlimactic in future dealings with the public.

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  4. Reality Checker says:

    A hundred million here, four hundred million there, pretty soon you have bankruptcy.


    • Anonymous says:

      Got it exactly right. The thing is that THEY have already bankrupted El Taxo, the PEOPLE and so they just keep taxing, wasting, spending, giving away, taxing more. Just easy for the politicians, public officials to go out, slash the throats of TAXPAYERS and take a few more drops of blood. The Mayor, Clown Council, Juan Cabrera, Tommy Gonzalez do NOT give a damn. They will get theirs, one tax INCREASE OR another, one campaign “Donation”, pay off or another.. That is why THEY are all HERE. To get rich, take advantage of US, “Stupid, ignorant peons”.


  5. Anonymous says:

    There are 51 gender choices for your Facebook account. If gender is that fluid so is the meaning of similar.


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