And the winner is

The district 6 city representative has just announced that she is a candidate for the state legislature.

State law considers that to be an automatic resignation from city council.

Now we have to pay for yet another city election.

If she had resigned a few months ago we could have voted on her replacement next week without paying for a special election.

Rush job

The city plans to call for this special election December 14, 2019.

That does not give potential candidates much time to run an effective campaign.

I wonder who the powers-that-be have chosen.

This is another example of flagrant disregard of the voters.

We deserve better


9 Responses to And the winner is

  1. Anonymous says:

    Our politicians rarely consider the citizens when making ANY decisions. Ortega, Niland, et al. Byrd missed the boat, but not for a lack of trying. They are only concerned with what works for them.

    It would appear that Ordaz is taking advice from Escobar/O’Rourke. If so, very soon she will be on television saying things that aren’t true as loudly as she can.


  2. The Original MAGA says:

    And then what about Morgan? Once they remove him from office then will they need to have yet another special election? No chance they make a decision to ensure his spot is filled during the Dec. 14 special election. That would make too much sense.


    • City Cynic says:

      Council has stated that he cannot be removed unless convicted, and there is no date for a trial. The December 14 date is the date for any runoff election in District 3, so that would at least save a few bucks to combine those elections..


    • Call for Resignations says:

      After looking at Morgan’s mug shot and reading the police report, my feeling is that if Morgan were a stand-up guy, he would resign. His pride and arrogance are not helping anyone except for his benefactors who need his votes. The two local school superintendents who got in a fight after a night of drinking while on school business should also resign. Schwarzbein should resign because he is the person most responsible for the streetcar disaster and the council member who was the strongest supporter of Great Wolf. Those are just a start.


      • Anonymous says:

        So, you have pronounced him guilty. I hope that you get the same rush to judgement you give others in the event you find yourself in his position.

        There used to be a country on this planet where people were presumed innocent and had a fair process for determining guilt.


        • It still is a country of innocent until proven guilty. But there’s a difference between guilty in court and guilty having other consequences. Our elected officials should be held to a higher standard and should only require a show of guilt such as the physical evidence and police testimony, which by the way has gone uncontested by Morgan or his lawyer publicly. He is still entitled to a public trial and a mechanism to hold his sentence down, but he should resign his council seat post haste.


        • Call for Resignations says:

          I never said Morgan was guilty. I said he should resign. His case will not go to trial. He and his attorney have not disputed the facts in the police report. Anyone careless enough to rack a firearm with police standing outside the door and then approach officers with a firearm on their person is not a person I want making decisions for me.

          As for guilty until proven innocent, tell that to the President. Thirty years ago he ran a full-page ad declaring the Central Park 5 guilty and demanding their execution. They were exonerated based on DNA evidence. He never apologized and still says he was right.


  3. The Cabal says:

    No worries. Leave it to us. We have a plan.


  4. Fed Up says:

    She just ran for re-election last year and had 3 years left on her term as a council rep. Why don’t people finish what they start?


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