More legal fees

Talk about money.

Many of us have experience trying to get our attorney to do something quickly.

In the downtown multi-purpose performing arts facility case the attorneys on both sides evidently are thinking ahead.

At issue currently is an injunction that prohibits the city from tearing down buildings.

The anti-tear-down faction was given an unfavorable ruling by a local bench judge.

Within moments the anti-tear-down lawyers filed an appeal with an appeals court.

Shortly thereafter the tear-down lawyers filed a motion with the appeals court asking the justices to recuse themselves because of allegations of partiality.

These are lightening fast actions coming from lawyers.

Without an injunction prohibiting the tearing down of the buildings the city will probably move to do so within hours.

We deserve better


2 Responses to More legal fees

  1. Fed Up says:

    When you’re spending other people’s money, you can afford to have lawyers run up hours to draft filings that might or might not be used. The city has an endless supply of taxpayer money and Grossman is spending his J. P. Bryan’s money.


  2. James W Peterson says:

    I am certain the City has already awarded the demolition contract for Durangito back when they already started poking holes and were told to stop. Then even though the same demolition contractor for Durangito was not the low bidder they were awarded the demo contract for Cohen stadium. Why can’t the City just tell Foster he is going to have to look somewhere else for his soccer stadium?


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