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  1. Anonymous says:

    Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka Fake Mexican, has dropped out of the Democrat primary for President of the United States. The drunk driving wonderboy literally campaigned on a promise to single-handedly contravene the Second amendment to the Constitution by executive act to confiscate weapons purchased legally by law abiding American citizens. He also stated that many or most white Americans are racist, and that America’s true founding was when a slave sip arrived in 1619.


    • Anonymous says:

      “Born to Lose” should have been his campaign slogan. Or rather, “Nacido para perder”.

      At least he had one good idea that everyone in El Paso loves and thinks are totally worth the expense; the trolleys.


    • John Dungan says:

      Haters gonna hate.


      • The Original MAGA says:

        Just like you and your demorat buddies hate our President. You call everyone around you haters while you sit around supporting this hate-filled coup of a President who did’t do anyhing wrong other than winning an election.


      • Anonymous says:

        It’s funny that you call him a hater.

        What are you, Dungan? I’ve seen your posts, you get pretty far out there on people you disagree with, so how is it you get to label others for that which you do yourself?

        You should be glad you don’t live in O’Rourke’s version of America. You wouldn’t be able to post your opinion anywhere, you’d have to wait and see what your “opinion” is when it was given to you by the Democrat party.


        • The Original MAGA says:

          He labeled a poster as a hater. I just pointed out that he is just as much a hater as well as are most people in these blogs. Yes me included. Unlike he and his democratic colleagues I can admit that both sides are equally as guilty.


          • Anonymous says:

            I understood your post. I was talking to Dungan, asking how he can call names when he does the same thing he accuses others of doing.

            Besides, I didn’t see anything particularly hateful about the post he was complaining of.

            They need to use a better Reply system in these WordPress setups so it is more obvious who is being replied to. Sorry for any confusion.


  2. The Original MAGA says:

    Can we stop talking about him now? Please. The quicker we stop talking about this a anti-America clown the quicker he will disappear into history.


    • Anonymous says:

      Very likely O’Rourke’s “campaign” did more to help Trump than anything. I wish he would just go away now, but I guess that locally he will be applauded and probably run for Mayor or Commissioner’s Court.

      Sadly, he will probably win, so the answer would be no, we cannot stop talking about him now.

      Everything he said on the campaign trail is what his followers in El Paso believe, and they will vote for him in droves.

      He is the future of El Paso.


  3. Exit says:

    There is too much hate and toxicity the air today, so I’m not going to stay. Have a nice day and don’t forget to go to church tomorrow.

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  4. Another Anonymous Reader says:

    Old people yelling at each other! Ain’t the internet grand?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Here are the admission prices for the four new waterparks being built by the city at a cost of $50,000,000. They will open next spring.

    – $6 for children
    – $8 for adults
    – $6 for seniors.
    – Cabana rentals will be $40 for half a day and $80 for a full day.


  6. Anonymous says:

    The city has announced an agenda 18.1 for raising $100 million dollars in the form of a certificate of obligations. The initial start for the certificate of obligation will be determined on Tuesday 11/12/2019 when city council will vote on this issue. Yet I have not seen one notice in our city news media? Why is this?


    • City Cynic says:

      Oh, I think you can figure out why the city news media doesn’t say anything…!! They’re part of the power structure..


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