UTEP is changing

According to an article in the Times UTEP is having to cut its budget.

The new president is asking the deans and vice presidents for suggestions as to how they can cut their respective budgets.

It seems that in the past the “executive leadership” made those decisions.

I applaud Mrs. Wilson.

The ultimate decisions will have to be hers but at least she is giving her subordinates an opportunity to participate.

This is better


5 Responses to UTEP is changing

  1. Not So Quick says:

    If we’re going to talk about overspending at UTEP, Ms. Wilson’s starting salary of $500,000 is more than the salary of her predecessor who held the position for 30 years. That is nearly triple what Wilson was making as Trump’s Secretary of the Air Force.

    It’s always the highest paid people who are so quick to make cuts except when it involves their own personal compensation and perks.
    Maybe Wilson will show real leadership and cut her own compensation. Or maybe the university can sell its Presidential palace and Wilson can buy her own residence like most people are required to do. She can afford it on her $500,000 salary.


    • Really? says:

      Why would she do that? That is what was offered. As far as housing, again it was what was offered. You will never see your suggestions come to reality. You have one change to adjust salary and perks and that is before you hire someone. It will never happen after they are in the position.


      • Not So Quick says:

        Agreed. We can thank Margo, Hunt and Foster for making that deal. They might be self-proclaimed conservatives, but they never have trouble spending tax dollars.


  2. JerryK says:

    Start by eliminating the Gender Studies department. Then work your way up the chain of administrative drones. Lots of money to be saved with no compromise of academic quality.


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