Please vote today

If you have not already voted please do so today.

This is the last day you can vote on the proposed bond issue.

My property taxes increased $800 dollars this year.

A large part of the quality of life bonds have yet to be sold.  When they are sold our taxes will go up further.

Those of us that live in the EPISD district are now paying more than $3.07 per hundred dollars of valuation in property taxes.

That’s three percent of your property’s value every year.

That puts us at the highest property tax rate among the 50 largest cities in the United States.

What the city is asking for is a blank check.

If they need new buildings the should figure out how much they will cost and then ask us for the money.

We deserve better


12 Responses to Please vote today

  1. James W Peterson says:

    I voted.


  2. Michael Bray says:

    This one takes a little thinking – no straight ticket, no pretty faces, just decisions with far reaching consequences. Do your research and vote!


  3. Anonymous says:

    The faces are never pretty. To do what this mafia has done in this city is immoral. Illegal activity is our flavor from the bottom up. We need some heroes, some more, as thankfully we have some decent people. I voted, I told everyone I know ( all unaware of this vote ), and now I am praying that the good will prevail. This is not a wealthy community and the wealthy “ leaders” seem determined to bankrupt the city. What is the true story? As easy as following the money?


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      It’s worst. I watched Dee Margo on KVIA Xtra this weekend. He actually believes that what they are doing with sports and Great Wolf will change our region’s economics. I can’t believe how wrapped up in an undeliverable outcome our local leaders have become. But I guess I they surround themselves with yes people who just help them convince themselves that spending more money will solve all problems. Sort of like gamblers getting served free drinks and counter checks at a casino being told that if they just keep playing their luck will turn.

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  4. Fed Up says:

    Margo and friends and are not being misled by anyone around them. They are the ones engaged in deception for their own benefit. Much of the money spent and the tax revenue giveaways are directly benefiting that small group. They hired Gonzalez, who had a questionable background, because they knew he would play for their team, not the citizenry as a whole.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    A yes vote for the City bond will only provide funds for “organized” crime.


  6. Try living in the Socorro ISD. The total taxes are at 3.17%. What that means is that for a $100,000 home at a 3% mortgage rate for 30 years, one would pay $51,788 in interest for a total of $151,788. If tax rates and appraisal rates stayed fixed, that same homeowner would pay $95,100 in taxes over the same time or nearly twice the interest payment. But we all know that appraisals go up and so do the rates. So when all is said and done, 30 years down the road that $100,000 affordable home could very well cost close to half a million dollars. But wait, there’s more. Then you get to keep making rent (tax) payments unless you want to live on the street.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Fking YES Paso… morons… please take more money from us… SI SI YES YES on all the bonds, props.. stupid people.. probably welfare recips who dont pay sh1t for taxes.. dumb a$$3$


    • Reality Checker says:

      Don’t blame poor people and welfare recipients for El Paso’s debt. They aren’t the beneficiaries of the local taxation and spending. Blame the wealthy and well educated people who are behind all of this spending and are benefiting from it.


      • Anonymous says:

        Whomever casts the vote is to blame! If they have the money and can afford the taxes and want to pay it, it’s their choice and right, but…… Those that vote and do not pay the debt should not have that right. Sorta like voting for a government in a country you don’t live in. Taxation without representation comes to mind in a twisted way. If I’m going to buy a car, do the neighbors get a say? They are not paying for it. Who cares if you just so live in the city. It’s all BS!


      • Anonymous says:

        btw.. not all poor people are wefare recips. Just like not all disabled are disabled! But they reap the benefits of others that work and pay… NOT FAIR!


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