They don’t care what the state says

If you have any doubt about whether the folks at the city have found a way around the 3.5% maximum property tax increase that the state imposed last year take a look at this slide from a recent city council presentation:

The way they will get more money is to issue debt.

We deserve better



3 Responses to They don’t care what the state says

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    We should all take a screen shot of this and write the governor a letter that basically asks him to work to close that loophole. The intent of that legislation was to prevent this kind of stupidity.

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  2. elrichiboy says:

    That’s not at all what that law is about. The law says that if revenues increase more than 3.5%, because of anything but new properties on the tax rolls, the citizens can vote on the increase. Thy City’s attempt at misdirection shows that they haven’t thought their game plan out. The City should fire Ms. Nieman and hire a real lawyer.


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