Nice try Mr. city manager

I was interested to see how city council handled the $100 million certificates of obligation issue so I watched the video of the meeting.

The city manager repeatedly made the point that “there’s no story here”.  He kept telling council that if someone was to make a “report” there is “no story” since all of the money was approved “years ago” and thus there is “no story”

He was evidently trying to tell council that they had nothing to worry about with the voters not liking the issuance of the $100 million in bonds.

I believe that there is a story here.

He, city staff, and city council knew that they were going to need to issue the certificates of obligation but kept that quiet while the $413 million bond issue was being considered by the voters.

A more honest group would have told the voters that the $100 million would be brought at their first opportunity after the bond election.

We deserve better



8 Responses to Nice try Mr. city manager

  1. mamboknightcat says:

    Reminds me of Trump repeating and repeating, “No collusion!” and “No obstruction!” Just because you repeat a lie over and over and a lot of people start thinking it’s true, that doesn’t make it true. Of course, “there is a story here!”


  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Well if the COs were approved “years ago”, you would think that a competent city manager would be on record recommending decreased spending instead of lobbying for cost overruns on his water parks, because it is obvious that the city is now spending more than it can generate in tax revenue. That is the story. I’m guessing the reason they cut the original bond plans in half is that they figured they could just CO the other $400 million over the next year or so without taxpayer approval. And if yesterday’s post is correct, they are going to try to put debt service in a separate non-capped bucket like the school districts do and raise taxes on that uncapped. That is a story, too.

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