City council spends more of our money

The city plans to have a runoff election for the district 3 representative position.

This is necessary because city council decided that the incumbent district 3 representative had resigned from city council when a post showing her to be running for the office of mayor was posted on social media.

There will also be a special election to replace the district 6 representative who is running for an open seat in the Texas house of representatives.

The cost to the citizens will be $157,619.55.  This is money the county will charge to conduct the elections.

We deserve better


9 Responses to City council spends more of our money

  1. Anon says:

    Electing incompetent city reps keeps getting more and more expensive.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    The county (us) charging the city (ourselves) is one more example of why the city and county governments should be consolidated. The savings would be huge and anytime you eliminate a bunch of politicians there are benefits including fewer opportunities for corruption.

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    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Yeah, but a move like that would make it harder for husband and wife politician families to support themselves in local, entry-level big donor financed races.

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  3. texstud911 says:

    why doesnt the clowncil spread those costs across the property tax payers in those districts? dist 2 in central have a leftist clowncillor we would love to recall but it will cost more than she costs us.
    Vote better…..


  4. Anonymous says:

    Tax, waste, spend, tax some more, waste even more. Maybe one day TAXPAYERS, VOTERS will see what is going on with these bums and STOP voting for the SAME ones over and over and over AGAIN. Then again maybe the uneducated, uninformed VOTERS of El Taxo enjoy the MAYOR and his CLOWN Council stealing from them, robbing them blind, dumping El Taxo into a TRILLION$$$$ bankruptcy.


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