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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found this on the City Council agenda. Why is this added to the contract if one was already signed and why if it was not in the contract did the city not advertise for bid?

    Request that the Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing be authorized to issue a Purchase Order to Third Gen, LLC DBA Triple-S Janitorial Supply referencing Contract 2018-1358 Pool Chemicals – Parks and Recreation Facilities. This will be a change order to increase the contract by $60,300.00 for a total amount not to exceed $311,670.00 for the initial term. The change order will cover expenses for providing pool-cleaning chemicals for the four (4) Water Parks. Contract Variance: The cost for this change order is the same as in the original contract. There is no variance. Department: Parks and Recreation Award to: Third Gen, LLC DBA Triple-S Janitorial Supply El Paso, TX Total Estimated Amount: $60,300.00 Account No.: 451-51245-521260-1000-P5125/26/27/28 Funding Source: General Fund Districts: All


  2. Anonymous says:

    I was going to comment but have not yet heard what my opinions are for today from our comrades in the Democrat party.

    I do know, however, that Capitalism is bad and anyone who works harder than me to achieve anything needs to share.

    The inequities in our society demonstrate that we need to destroy everything that got us to where we are today and start from scratch using unproven principles that have been tried many times before in other countries but did not work. They were instead abused by their proponents and caused great suffering and massive amounts of death.

    But this time will be different.

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    • Independent Thinker says:

      So, your priority for the day is to stir the pot, insult people, and start a partisan argument. Have a nice day.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, and for any American who enjoys freedom of speech that wouldn’t have required comment. But for those who don’t think we can speak our mind, and that everything we do or say must conform to their beliefs or ideals, you have proven my point.

        Well done. But not so much an independent thinker as you may claim.


  3. Soapbox says:

    Fascinating how those, mainly on the right, refer to taxes as “Our Money.” I wonder why that particular meme is perpetuated? We don’t use that parallel anywhere else when it comes to spending money.It is “our money” only up to the time we no longer are in possession of it.

    When you go to Walmart and pay for something, say a new TV, you pay for the device, and Walmart takes your money. That is the end of the transaction for you as a consumer. You don’t have any say-so after that on how Walmart spends “your money.” They could use part of that money to help pay their CEO a disgustingly large sum of money, give their employees a decent living wage, or they could use it to help fix the ladies bathroom stall. It is their call. We don’t think that it is still “our money” after we pay Nissan for a car, or when we buy chicken from KFC. The transaction is made.

    We can choose to not go to these businesses if we don’t like the service, or how they spend our money, or dont get the service we expected to pay for. (If I get a bucket of coleslaw when I ordered a bucket of chicken time and again, I would stop paying KFC and “vote” by going somewhere else. We do the same we can choose different leaders when we vote.

    So why do people think that it is “their money” after they pay their taxes? There are many ways to vote for change if you don’t like the way services are rendered, but to think that it is “Your Money” after you pay taxes is terribly misleading.( I may not like the way that tax money is spent on say, fancy new police cars, but I don’t say “They spent “MY MONEY” on that car, or that ball park, or that shiny thingy.) Dont like the system? You could leave El Paso and move to Sunland Park or Santa Teresa or Horizon City, then be using the El Paso city taxpayers as your personal bank account to service your needs. You could run for office and change the narrative, even if you don’t win. You could donate to a candidate that reflects your values.
    But to always say that this is how “My Money” is spent, is misleading at best.


    • John Dungan says:

      The difference is that, when you give ‘your’ money to Walmart to buy that TV, or whatever, you immediately get something in return. When you pay taxes, however, you have (I hope) a very different expectation, and experience. You pay taxes in order to provide those things that a government should provide, whether that be for defense, or infrastructure, or whatever. Therefore, you do indeed have to have a say in what is done with ‘our’ money! What’s the point of paying taxes, if it ends right there?

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    • JerryK says:

      Then CC turns around and gives “your money” in the form of public assets, subsidies and tax abatements to the people who have given their money to campaign contributions.

      As Luther Jones once quipped, it’s what makes the world go around in El Paso.


    • Anonymous says:

      we get something from kfc in return. for a socialist you certainly have a strange concept of how government should work.

      is it your opinion that government should be able to take money and then do whatever they want, without restriction, and that taxpayers have no say in how government operates?

      You should change your name to Joseph Stalin. Then go find a repressive, totalitarian government to live under.

      Practice what you preach.


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