What is Mexico thinking?

I’m hearing a lot of talk around town about the people suing Walmart.

Personally I don’t agree that Walmart should be held liable, some people see it differently.

What is more troubling to me is that the government of Mexico is helping with the lawsuits.

According to an NPR report Mexico also plans to seek the extradition of the shooter.

He should be tried in the United States where he evidently committed the murders.

Mexico should have no say in this issue.

We deserve better


10 Responses to What is Mexico thinking?

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Yep, perhaps our government should help folks who lose family members to narco violence over there sue the venues where that happens. Maybe we could also sue the government of Mexico for not enforcing its borders every time a non-Mexican illegal who transits through Mexico kills someone over here. And given that Mexico has no death penalty, extradition would result in a life prison sentence. Granted it would be a living hell for him compared to our prison system, so that does have merit. But the bottom line is that the government of Mexico really just sees the US and its citizens as deep pockets to be taken advantage of as much as possible. That is why the border is porous and driving while Gringo over in Mexico can be an expensive proposition.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The thing here with the Mexicans is, not about sadness, heartbreak, loss. All that is over. Now it’s just about how much DINERO the LAWYERS in Mexico, the family of the family, of the family, of the family can get out of this BIG American company. These vultures probably would not believe how many LAWYERS, legal experts, Walmart has on payroll. NOBODY should get a dime from Walmart for these murders. Dancing on the graves of the dead, trying to make a buck. And the U.S. would never be able to extradite an AMERICAN Citizens to Mexico for a “Kangaroo court”, for a crime that was committed in the U.S. AMERICAN Citizens also died. How many times can a person be Tried for the SAME crime? In America it is ONE time. Get over it Mexico, no money in this for you. Mexico needs to concentrate on doing something, anything about the crime, MASS MURDERS in Mexico. But then the Government, LAWYERS, “Justice system” don’t fight the Cartels.

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    • Anon says:

      This might be the most cold and callous comment I have seen on this blog. You are stomping on graves to defend Walmart.

      Let someone shoot your mother, father, daughter or son because of the color of their skin and then tell me you got over the sadness, heartbreak, loss in four months.


      • Anonymous says:

        Apparently you can’t comprehend what I said. It’s the LAWYERS in Mexico, the families, of the families, of the families, trying to make a buck off the tragedy. How is Walmart, El Paso or anything, anybody else to blame for the MURDERS?? The ONE person to blame, responsible is in jail awaiting trial. Walmart did not sell him the gun, ammo. HE did not work for Walmart. RESPONSIBILITY???? The Mayor, City Council, the city of El Paso have FEW to NO Police working the streets of El Paso. Look around. It took Police more than 6 minutes to respond to the terrorist incident. Did they have to FIND money to gas up the cars, money to buy BULLETS??? WHY weren’t THEY ready and whose FAULT is that? The killer had fired up all his ammo, was out of bullets and in the process of LEAVING the area BEFORE . Police showed up and the killer was stopped, caught ACCIDENTLY.


        • Anon says:

          You started your rant with “the Mexicans” and even in your second comment you attacked families of victims. Why do you insist on criticizing only Mexican lawyers and families? You act like lawyers in the U.S. are not filing similar lawsuits. Are you giving them a free pass because they are not Mexicans?

          A study of more than 180 mass shootings in the U.S. showed that the average law enforcement response time was 7.3 minutes. So EPPD’s 6 minute response time that you think was so bad was actually much better than the national average.


          • Charles R. Dickerson says:

            Wasn’t  a  “rant”.  Just facts.  That  “Average 7.3 minutes, “Response” time”  is simply your fabrication.   The Border Patrol,  Texas Troopers, other Feds were there BEFORE El Paso Police.   If had not been for the Trooper


  3. JerryK says:

    How is Walmart culpable in that heinous crime? It seems to me they are one of its victims.

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  4. good governance oxymoron says:

    Walmart is not culpable, however I can understand the lawsuits.
    Walmart has the financial means, the shooter does not.

    Not to in anyway minimize the emotional and physical devastation, the victims families as well as injured survivors have not only lost loved ones but in many cases a family provider, i.e. financial and otherwise.

    Think about it a young couple was killed and left 3 orphans the ages 5 yrs, 3 yrs, and 2 mos. The 2 month old was also injured when his mom shielded him and fell on the baby when the bullet struck and killed her instead.

    I just read about a young father who is still in rehab learning to walk again.

    The financial impact of losing a family provider or the ability to work translates to decades of unimaginable hardship to every dependent in the family.

    The One fund now has several hundred applicants so it will most likely only meet short-term needs.

    Walmart has previously announced financial support for the families of those killed and injured, so it is not clear what Mexico hopes to accomplish other than to maybe increase the settlement.

    Hopefully Mexico required the attorneys to waive their claim to 1/3 of any settlement.


    • Justine says:

      That’s what the victims’ fund is for — $14 million, I believe, to help the survivors, especially those who lost the provider in their family. Those that sue Walmart should not get any of the foundation money.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I think Mexico has enough problems with all the murders they have there. I say let Mexico clean their own house first.


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