Political correctness going overboard

Evidently a substitute teacher at a local high school recently told a student to “speak English, we’re in America”.

Now LULAC is calling on the Texas Education Agency to revoke the teacher’s teaching certificate.

No one that I know of was there to witness the event so we don’t know what (if anything) led up to the event.  We don’t know the teacher’s background.  She might of been trying to give what she thought was good advice.

If you are of the view that the teacher’s instruction was inappropriate, does this rise the level where she should lose her license?

Maybe counseling would be in order.

Maybe a reprimand would be appropriate.

Maybe we should thank her for trying to help a youngster.

We seem to be losing our sense of scale.

We deserve better



17 Responses to Political correctness going overboard

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    KVIA has cell phone video. We don’t see the whole interchange but basically when the teacher told him to give her the phone he was glued to (which is in line with school policy) he rudely asks her why in Spanish. I say rudely because he says it as a challenge, not as a polite question. In short he was rude and disrespectful and that pushed her authoritarian mode button. It was less about racism and more about an escalating situation between a teacher and a arrogant kid. Now, rude kid gets social media fame as champion for social justice and a teacher who was trying establish authority in her classroom loses a job. But we’ll add more teachers who will allow themselves to be manipulated by kids who would rather watch a soccer game on their phone than focus on learning and wonder why spending more on schools doesn’t improve learning outcomes.


  2. Anonymous says:

    why should it be a problem to instruct the student to speak English? that is our national language.

    would it be appropriate to go to france and expect their education system to accommodate whatever language I want to speak that day? what if I go to mexico city and demand they address me in Swahili?

    this is ridiculous and will destroy society if we have to accommodate every individual’s wishes to the point of losing jobs.

    I am sure, however, that some comrades will have differing opinions. in those cases I demand they acquiesce to MY feelings and that they fire themselves.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      We actually don’t have a national language and the more we accommodate non-English speakers the harder it becomes to have one. I have a friend whose wife teaches in a Buffalo, NY school where kids speak 80 different languages and there are activists demanding that there be a translator hired to support every language spoken. The reality is that if we don’t establish a national language at some point, we will be spending a fortune providing equal language rights to every immigrant who comes here speaking a language other than English. In this area, it is Spanish, but in California, there is equal pressure to accommodate Mandarin and Vietnamese speakers (plus a subset of folks from Vietnam who speak a different dialect). In areas where large groups of Middle Eastern or Eastern European refugees have been settled, there is demand for support of their languages. When my late husband’s Polish grandparents immigrated in the early 1900s there was no language support or public safety net. Immigrant groups provided the support assistance and language lessons. Today, we taxpayers are supposed to open up our wallets and give everyone (legal or illegal) anything they want and instead of being grateful, the attitude is that it is their “right” to get whatever free support they need to live a better life. That isn’t sustainable.


    • Anon says:

      The number of people who are under the misconception that we have a national language shows just how little people really know about our nation.


  3. Rod - Westside says:

    Hooray for that teacher! The “demands” of the DACAs and illegals and their misguided supporters is getting out of hand. Time to stand up and NAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Put God back in our schools and lives; speak English unless warranted otherwise; enforce immigration laws.
    I will sign MY name


  4. Anonymous says:

    The Teacher IS the Teacher. Maybe she was trying to get some kind of RESPONSE from a student, who prefers to speak Spanish, rather than learn the English language. Just another problem with the expensive, over priced, over taxed Education “System” in El Taxo. They graduate from High School in El Taxo and still cannot READ, WRITE, speak English or do MATH. What’s the point of the over-priced “Education”?? The Teacher should LEAVE, go some where HER education, skills are needed, appreciated. “Education” in El Taxo is a dead end job.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Were is LULAC when I try to communicate with someone working in a store and I get “No Espanol?”? They look at me like I have a horn coming out of my head.


    • Anonymous says:

      Would you believe the very same thing happens in stores like Walmart. Ask a worker pushing a dolly, putting stuff on the shelf., for help or a question. All you get is “No Englais”. Walmart, some grocery stores, fast food, mall stores, any store down town El Taxo, you have to know what you want. No Englais.


  6. Rico Suave says:

    Due process…not uncontrolled political headliners


  7. JerryK says:

    I’ve never had a problem in my 24 years here, even though this gringo hardly speaks a word of Spanish (or Mex-ish, whatever). A little courtesy on both sides usually gets the job done.

    I just got back from a month in Scotland and it is easier for me to grok what a Mexican is saying to me than a Highlander 🙂


  8. Surprise, Surprise says:

    For a minute I thought I was on a different blog because it’s so unusual for people here to take the side of teachers.


  9. Tom Busch says:

    I went to a Thanksgiving dinner with some old white friends yesterday. I’m 67 years old and I was the youngest person at the table. Let’s face it. We lost the Demographic battle. El Paso is 85% Mezkin and the remaining white people are old and dropping like flies. And no young white kids aren’t moving here because we’re used to paying Mezkins sub standard wages we won’t pay the white kids a living wage. But there’s a silver lining. A bunch of choice farmland has become available in Iowa and the upper Midwest because the owners are committing suicide due to Trump’s trade policies. They’re white up there and they speak English. Their accents are a little funny but you’ll get used to it. I say we leave now. We had a good run. Maybe it’s time.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Tom,, your use of Mezkins leads me to believe that in a different time in Germany you would have shown up every day for work to light the ovens!
      Send us a post card from Iowa, please!


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