On the other hand

What person or organization do you believe did the most to harm us here in El Paso this last year?

As always please keep the conversation civil.

We should be able to disagree without being vulgar or resorting to personal attacks.

We deserve better


14 Responses to On the other hand

  1. John Dungan says:

    City Council, collectively. Ever’ damm one of ’em.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Now that question is much easier. Because there are few, if any POLITICIANS, Public Officials who do anything to HELP the people of El Taxo. So who hurts El Pasoans the most? The Mayor, City Council, Commissioners, City “Manager”, EPISD, UMC, the “Idle RICH, who support them, own them and all the blood suckers that take all they can get from the PEOPLE and give US absolutely NOTHING in return. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. NOTHING ever gets BETTER for the PEOPLE of El Taxo. The ONLY “Quality of Life” HERE is for THESE people, the politicians, Public Officials. Inherent corruption.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Conservatives, with all their “freedom of speech”, “personal responsibility” and “small government, less government control of our lives”.

    What we need is MORE government, not less of it. And speech that doesn’t include hate or other intolerable things needs to be expressed, we need to secure the messages that are allowed to be transmitted into the public sphere. The community has a responsibility to ALL people, not just citizens or taxpayers. Healthcare is a RIGHT.

    Vote Democrat.


  4. Anonymous says:

    In other news:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I truly believe one sided reporting the Democrats Border inter Faith and illegal immigration has hurt this community.
    I believe the rubbing raw of sores by pitting Anglo against the Majority of the community is an injustice I believe an education system that keeps all youth down over the years with their bilingual system has provided us with an illiterate service work force and keeps national companies from coming to this area the loose of corporations in this community has made us strictly a government town that does not care about taxes or education or decent leadership.
    This city has slipped to the point we are almost third world. All tax increase are voted for no accountability but they get a 2% raise that will not even cover the cost of the tax increase
    Super wealthy and peon.
    Go Vote straight Democrat.
    Beto and Veronica are both a disgrace to this community if you talk to people in other parts of the country they are laughing at us,



  6. Curious says:

    If the POTUS can be vulgar and attack people in his online comments, why can’t we?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Attacking will only bring violence and that is the last thing we need. Progress is my purpose. United we stand, divided we fall. People are all mixed. It is how you think about yourself that is important. It hurts my self esteem to have to give so much of my income to these poor leaders that think of nothing but enriching themselves. Life is about sacrifice. But sacrificing for disorganized, immoral, self serving politicians that destroy any hope of progress is so demoralizing. It’s about community and what it means to you. You have to fight to change. I am naive. I believe good will prevail. It’s what my Mom taught me.


  8. Anonymous says:

    And in my mind, I do not understand how all this extortion has been able to go on for so long. I thought someone big would have been indicted by now. Just shows how powerful the lack of participation is. The plan worked for rich because they have a tight organization and full cooperation with each other.


  9. Reality Checker says:

    First place goes to the city manager for pulling off the Great Wolf heist and using that deal to help orchestrate the Foster land grab. He screwed taxpayers multiple times in one fell swoop and we will be paying the price long after he is gone.

    Second place goes to the mayor and city council members who supported those deals and who continue to give tax breaks to the wealthiest business people, while imposing added tax burden on ordinary people who have to cover the revenue shortfall created by those giveaways.


    • anonymous says:

      The city manager is a blight. The three Texas cities with the highest debt per resident – Irving, El Paso, and Lubbock. Coincidence, I think not.

      I guess it’s not fair to blame him for Lubbock. He only grew up there.

      He has complete disregard for the financial impact on this city in the long run. Trust me, he’ll be long gone when it hits the fan.


  10. anonymous says:

    Veronica Escobar, Beto, Mayor-CC-CM from 2005 to today, Paso Del Norte Group, Borderplex Alliance


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