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  1. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Trump is a master at trolling the Dems into untenable positions. If any one of the looptards now in the debates is nominated, he will be unmerciful with their insanities.

      My two faves are free abortions for tranny women (that are actually men) and $100K per head reparation paid to illegals for their inconvenience of having to cross illegally into the US.

      It would be much less expensive to buy them airline tickets from Managua to El Paso. That will be the next Dem promise.

      You couldn’t make up this shit.

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  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I told Democrats that Suleimani consistently refused to use proper personal pronouns and now they are okay with him being killed.


  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. John Dungan says:

    Every post screams to the world at large why some folks choose to hide their identity.


    • Not_Anonymous says:

      I am sorry about the loss of your friend Suleimani.

      Also, what you call “hide their identity” I call not wasting time typing a name. It’s a wasted effort. If you put so much stock in being identified include your address and phone number in your posts.

      A name doesn’t make the posted material any less factual or relevant.

      You are just a huge crybaby who is literally whining about nothing because you have nothing to say. Every post you make about anonymous posters screams to the world that you have nothing to add to the conversation, so you cry about the poster’s identity. Stalin and Castro had the same ideas about people’s identities you do.


    • Anonymous says:

      I told you, we have no choice but to hide our identity. People are getting beat up just for wearing a MAGA hat. The hate on the left is a very dangerous thing.


    • Anonymous says:

      @John Dungan – Did you just misgender me? “some folks”? Really? The word “folks” has a long and racist history of sexual oppression and its usage by older white men is clearly intolerable.

      I demand an apology!


  6. Anonymous says:


  7. formerly Identified says:


  8. John Dungan says:

    I hate anonymous posters, and I hate Donald Trump. I also hate anyone who doesn’t love Beto.

    Anonymous posters must be found out and treated appropriately, because on the internet it is very important that we know who is posting, especially if they post things I don’t like personally. That is a violation of my civil rights to be exposed to things I don’t like.

    When Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, it became apparent to me that the Russians must have been behind his win.Because. Now I am more sure than ever that he is going to steal another election. Because.

    If I don’t like him, his election is illegitimate, because only what I say or think is relevant. I am using my name when I post, so it makes what I say relevant. Others, regardless of identity, who agree with me are okay as well.

    Anonymous posters are irrelevant if they post things I don’t like.

    It is impossible for people to fake who they are on the internet, so we MUST make sure everyone types a name into the box so we know who they are. Otherwise, anything they say becomes irrelevant.

    My name is John Dungan, and I hate everything and everyone that differs from my worldview. Plus I have a blogspot page with a cute name.

    Everyone I don’t like is a Russian asset.


    • Anonymous says:

      The irony is, although I’m sure you wrote that as sarcasm, it’s true of the Democratic party. That is EXACTLY how they think.

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    • John Dungan says:

      You aren’t John Dungan, I am John Dungan!

      But, like yourself, I do hate Donald Trump for beating Hillary Clinton.

      Just because I vote Democrat, support Democrat ideals and make comments a Democrat would make doesn’t mean I am a Democrat. How dare anyone call me a Democrat.

      I hate anonymous people. We need to know who these anonymous posters are so we can deal with them. They have no right to say anything unless they first identify themselves.

      If you post something without your name you are a piece of crap.

      Anonymous posters deserve to be punished. Joseph Stalin knew how to deal with anonymous posters. I bet Hitler had a well documented plan for anonymous posters as well.

      Mussolini wouldn’t put up with anonymous posters and neither will I.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry folks…
    Bill Clinton sent a rocket into a compound and missed.
    G W Bush should have sent smart Bomb on 09-12-01.
    You will take our guns because of a new year case.
    But do you even know what it takes to qualify for a license to carry.
    But cry over this piece of garbage bage.

    Do you care that Obama financed these terrorist?
    Do you care Obama did not go to congress before making a strike ?

    President Trump did not declare war.
    He authorized a primitive strike.

    Get over it!


  10. JerryK says:

    I see where Foster has purchased the Chase Bank and Wells Fargo buildings. How soon will they go off the tax roll, Mayor?


  11. John Jacob Ingleheimerschmidt says:

    Why does it say here you can post anonymously if, in reality, you will get hated on for posting anonymously. this is confusing. rules should be clear and fairly enforced.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic ❗️❗️So much for civility ☹️


    • Anonymous says:

      What, specifically, is uncivil and draws your ire?

      Is it the fact that Suleimani was killed? The fact that Democrats are outraged over his death?

      Historically, Democrats were for Hitler before they were against him, so their reaction to Suleimani’s death is not really surprising. JFK wrote glowingly about Hitler in a letter home while he was traveling Europe in college.

      Israel was going to kill Suleimani in 2015, but the Obama administration warned him about Israel’s operation.

      Many Democrats support Maduro in Venezuela and Castro in Cuba. Both Castro’s, including the one still alive.

      Kaepernick, famous for kneeling at football games when he was in the NFL, claims America is the terrorist and calls Suleimani’s death a racist incident. Kaepernick is a Democrat.

      Democrats are great supporters of our country’s enemies. Always have been. Democrats hate America seemingly as much as Osama Bin Laden used to.


  13. Disappointed says:

    Commenters are ruining this blog. We deserve better.


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