Stop the spending

Here’s another idea to reduce city expenses:

Don’t do this:

Discussion and action on the award of Solicitation No. 2019-909 Bicycle Connectivity Infrastructure, Phase I to Horizone Construction I, Ltd for a total estimated award of $1,898,160.80. The project consists of the re-striping of Alabama Street, Viscount Boulevard, Resler Drive, Robinson Avenue, Fort Boulevard, and Los Angeles Drive. The project also includes roadway improvements at the intersection of Alabama and Fred Wilson.

They propose to create bicycle lanes on Alabama from Atlas to Arizona.

Do they plan to have an EMS truck nearby?

Robinson is already a nightmare.

These are luxuries.  We need to pay our past bills.

We deserve better


14 Responses to Stop the spending

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Plus bicyclists have previously indicated that they consider striping to be unsafe and now want segregated lanes, so basically they won’t use it.


  2. Not_Anonymous says:

    There are so many bicyclists we have to do something. I have seen at least two people riding bicycles in the last 6 weeks. This is a crisis. No amount of money is too large to spend to protect the people who ride bicycles, they pay road and bridge taxes, too, when they register their bikes. /s


    • Kinda_Anonymous_But_Not_Really says:

      Every small percentage of the population should be accommodated in every way possible. All infrastructure should be divided disproportionately among the various population groups according to their social just value.

      Of course, those paying the most should get the least consideration.

      Socialism is great, and this is only the beginning. Anyone who doesn’t like it can wait until Antifa shows up and explain to them why you are a hateful piece of crap who needs a beating and your property destroyed.



    • Anonymous JerryK says:

      Good article. Leaves me pondering because, as I have blogged in these posts in the past, I have environmental leanings on the whole urban design thing-y while, at the same time, libertarian political leanings. How to reconcile?

      I just finished a month in a UK ecovillage where all the food is vegetarian. There are a few fanatics there who would force an even more ascetic veganism on the residents, sort of like SJW bikers might force lanes on drivers.

      My libertarian side says live and let live, don’t force a cookie cutter on anyone’s lifestyle. My environmental side says bike lanes are a good thing even if you’re dumb enough to ride on a 110 degree day. They have them in Tucson.

      Oh, when I got back from the UK, first things I did was to eat the Monday prime rib special at Ripe and go to see Ford Vs Farrari, best guy flick since Top Gun. Then I binge read Richard Brautigan novels from the sixties. Jesus, I’m losing it.

      Dem Derangement Syndrome. 😁


  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    For all the complaining about local government spending, there is an amazing amount of nothing being done. No one shows up to city council meetings, sending letters to the editor of local media (lol, media, as if they were disinterested reporters of local events. Research everything they published about major local issues; children’s hospital, quality of life bonds, chihuahuas and their stadium, etc.).

    Slowly, but surely, our area is being transformed into a socialist political system. People are already afraid to speak out for fear of retribution and castigation. The smallest population groups have the largest say in local politics. Spending is out of control and being directed in incredibly inappropriate directions.

    For example, transportation. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent in the last ten years on Sun Metro. New Brio lines and a trolley system. Where is the financial justification for this spending? Ridership is declining at a fairly rapid rate while spending increases.

    The explanation can be found in looking at the motivations of the people behind the Sun Metro expansion. Where did Joyce Wilson come from? Who brought her here? What did she do in Arizona? Who did she bring with her?

    Most of you have already forgotten about the Smart Planning city council spent so much time, effort and money to push on the population. A major tenet of smart communities is walkability, and secondary is public transportation. Streets are deliberately small because they do not want private individuals to entertain the idea of their own vehicles. They very much thought they could force the population to get rid of cars.

    These bike lanes are part of that master plan. Bicyclists pay nothing to use the roads. They should not get any part of the road they didn’t pay for. It’s a very simple concept, yet they are being allowed to appropriate a large percentage, 20% or more, of something that people who drive cars paid for.

    This is socialism lite, steering us toward socialism. If you think it isn’t, then go to city council and ask why bicyclists don’t have to pay anything for the additional street costs while vehicle owners do.

    They make us pay extra so water trucks can use the streets and make bicyclists pay nothing at all.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      I’ve gone to City Council. Back when I took the EP Times I wrote letters to the editor good enough to have an ex-county commissioner and a couple of other folks, looking up my phone number and thanking me for making the points I made. None of those things changed the direction of City government or the out of control spending. I vote in every election and encourage my friends to vote, especially in underpublicized elections. But the bottom line is that unless you are an “in-crowd” wealthy donor or one of their hanger on friends, nothing you do will influence policy. We spend disproportionately on bicyclists because Beto gave them a voice. And while Beto may be gone from visible politics, he is still part of the local Dem machine. Until we can get folks understanding the connection between stupid spending and cost of rent or property taxes we are screwed because El Paso has a ton of idiots who believe if we just spend a little more money we will suddenly become Phoenix or LA. And they show up to vote.


  7. anonymous says:

    Just putting up an anonymous post for kicks.


    • Anonymous says:

      The whole world laughs at your anonymity and hates you for it. It somehow demonstrates that you lack character and are generally a bad person.

      Personally, I have no problem with anonymity, but community members…

      Just watch your back, anon.


  8. Anonymous says:


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