A case of coercion

This came in from Dan Wever:

Students were told earlier in the year that they HAD to apply to three institutions of higher learning for admittance to their facility.
Many times these applications require fees to even apply.
The announcement today at Franklin High School in the EPISD said that all graduating senior students that do not turn in their proof of complying with this directive will not be allowed to WALK with their graduating class.
I would hope some smarter people (if there are any left) would make sure that this does not happen.
Thank you
Dan Wever
We deserve better

7 Responses to A case of coercion

  1. Unverified rumors make great blog entries says:

    Hey, nobody complains when the IDEA schools do it! Why doesn’t Dan complain about that?


    • Dan Wever says:

      Why would I complain when the IDEA schools do anything. I have no grandchildren enrolled and the reason for this is my children are much smarter than to fall for that kind of early Medicine Wagon promises. “Why yes sir, this elixir will cure cancer and bunions”.
      The IDEA concept is fine if people want to chose it for their children but tax-funded public education dollars should not be spent on it.


    • chico says:

      Deputy Dawg logic …. pathetic.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Every Democrat running for President claims student loan debt is a serious issue and should be paid but taxpayers. Rather than focus on the appropriateness of curriculum, student choices, the ease of obtaining large loans, etc., they essentially blame society.

    Schools pushing for students to go to college, where it is a certainty that most will get student loans, and many will choose degrees of dubious value with respect to future earnings, is an egregious affront to society as a whole.

    The state of education in America is very poor. Yet the Democrat and unionized educators position is more money, more school, less personal responsibility, no accountability, and society should foot the bill. This is true for K-12, community colleges and universities.


  3. John Castaneda says:

    Show proof of where the money goes, and when can a student who put in the work not walk? If that’s the case is very simple, don’t walk, in fact each and every student should hold there own ceremony away from the schools, that way the isd well feel the lack of funding , apparently EPISD is all about money and not teaching, and that’s for the admin not the real educators.


  4. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Actually a fairer route would be to give students the option of applying for a job or a school. Some kids aren’t college material. Giving the work application option does the same thing (introduces them to the next phase of their lives). And if they are going into a family business, they can still go through the application process. A few years ago I did an article about a community college in Florida that was teaming with manufacturing companies to provide advanced training to adults looking to move from dead-end hospitality jobs to a manufacturing career in electronics with promotion options. As part of that I interviewed the college’s president. His biggest challenge in offering entry level kids that path to begin with was parents who wanted the kids to focus on four year degrees for kids who would be better off with a votech type path. His institution was a university feeder but it was also votech option that was tapped into the region’s manufacturing companies. It was really nice to talk to someone in education who was more concerned about actually providing a path to a career than a piece of paper.


  5. JerryK says:

    Someone’s performance plan requires X number of college applications, so stick it to the kids. Garcia would think of this.


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