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  1. Anonymous says:

    The inevitability of Trump winning reelection


  2. Stop Border West Toll Road says:

    Pickett in urging the public to contact City Council to pass a resolution asking the CRRMA board to negotiate a withdrawal proposal to take before the Texas Transportation Commission to stop the tolls on the Border West Expressway.

    According to Pickett:

    1. This is the only planned toll road in the state of Texas that does not have to pledge the toll revenue to pay back borrowed dollars.

    2. The questionable financing of the initial project could be subject to federal fines

    3. Once collecting tolls begins, it would be next to impossible to stop at a point in the future because, once there is a revenue stream, regardless of how small, the plan would be to then go to the bond market and borrow funds, and that would mean into perpetuity.
    Tolls forever and regular increases to pay for additional bonds.

    4. The bond money obtained would be spent in El Paso, but for who and what purpose would be dictated by a small number of people influencing the CRRMA board.

    Stop the tolls on the Border West Expressway: Joe Pickett

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    • Fed Up says:

      Former city manager Joyce Wilson, who gave you the ballpark, chairs the CRRMA board which tells you who will benefit from any money spent. Thanks to the influence of Paul and Woody, Wilson has moved from one high-paying government job to another. Her work on behalf of Mountainstar guaranteed her lifetime employment.


  3. John Dungan says:

    Does anyone follow Richard Wright’s Blog?
    Here’s a link to a question that should be discussed:

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  4. Stop Border West Toll Road says:

    Joyce Wilson is the chair of the CRRMA Board.

    That should give you an idea of who will be the small number of people influencing the CRRMA board.


  5. txmarine915 says:

    El Paso DA Race, we are at a pivotal point in this one. James “Bonny” Montoya, switching up his name midstream during this race. As Assist DA over the summer his office along with DRO, Family Court Judges and El Paso law enforcement were given several opportunities to meet at Sen Rodriguez office to discuss the issue of Texas Family Code 25.03 and it’s lack of enforcement not only in El Paso but the other 253 Counties in Texas.

    25.03 in Texas is a “FELONY” it occurs when one divorced parent withholds visitation from the other parent, basically being in contempt of the court ordered visitation.

    Last year a young man was in a news article KFOX-14 attempting to enforce visitation with his child. El Paso PD showed up to the daycare, he had the Visitation order in hand and the female didn’t allow visitation at the time stated in the court order. What occurred was both the female and El Paso PD allowed this felony to happen.

    In 2016 there is a document listing all the violations of Texas Family Code 25.03, the document itself is 164 pages long. It’s on a page I run on Facebook ” CITIZENS FOR BETTER EL PASO if anyone doesn’t believe me.

    Only one County in Texas correctly enforces this Texas Family Code. After 3 violations a Law Enforcement Officer goes to the home and serves the violator.

    We have all the agencies DA, Family Court Judges, Domestic Relations etc that specifically budget for training on Texas Family Code 25.03. What do they do durning this training? God only knows.

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  6. Old Fart says:

    Pickett is right, if people don’t speak up drivers will get shit on!

    Plus you will have a toll road very few people use, so like that old interior toll lane on the Border Highway in the Lower Valley, it will not generate the toll revenue out spoken proponents forecast. It will be another street car folly.

    Westsiders should be the ones really raising hell on this issue, especially after all the construction tie up’s and delays they have gone through.

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    • John Dungan says:

      Actually, that new road would be nice for me. I live in Far East El Paso (off Joe Battle), and make frequent trips over to the Side Door Liquor store, next to The Stateline because they are able to get my favorite beer because the El Paso retailers cannot due to policies of the local beer wholesalers. So, I am all for no tolls.


  7. Democrats Forever says:

    Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders or Warren? Who is anyone voting for, and why?


    • undecided says:

      not ready to declare


    • Anonymous says:

      Donald Trump


    • anonymous says:

      Sanders had a rally today at the Chavez.
      It was at capacity plus outside overflow.
      Lots of enthusiasm.
      Made Bloomberg’s event look like an small office meeting.


      • JerryK says:

        Mini Mike thinks he can buy the election. The voters are smart enough (except Clint Eastwood) to see it.


      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder what the city will charge him for his rally? Will it be the Democrat discount that Beto got? The Republican rate Trump got? Or will it be the Socialist rate where it was free for everyone and the government pays for it. Oh wait, that will be passed along to those still paying taxes.


        • Dump Trump says:

          Trump’s campaign also owes lots of other cities millions of dollars for expenses related to his campaign rallies. If Trump really thinks he has been overcharged, they could pay however much they think is a fair rate and argue the difference, but they instead elect to pay nothing. That’s why I don’t want to any lectures from Republicans or right wing pundits about honesty, integrity, and how people should take personal responsibility. Meanwhile right wing radio shows run commercials telling listeners that they don’t have to pay their credit card bills, just hire the advertiser who will make the debt go away for pennies on the dollar. Trump has a long history of not paying his bills. I would like to see the government not pay the outrageous bills it is receiving from Trump’s hotels.


          • Ticked off taxpayer says:

            How much is the city billing Bernie? Are they going to use the FEMA rate they used to calculate the Trump bill?


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Donald Trump.


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