Inaccurate reporting

We saw another unfortunate example of the effects of cost cutting the other day.  It seems that our news outlets do not have controls in place to see to it that what they report is correct.

KTSM Television reported this in a piece about the new William Beaumont hospital recently:

The hospital is expected to be up and running by September 2020. However, that depends on how much time it takes to move all the patients from the original location to the new one.


In 1893 the original hospital was at what is now building 8 on Fort Bliss.

It expanded to a new facility in 1916 and in 1921 to the one that subsequently grew massively to handle the effects of World War II.

The current facility was opened in 1972.

Be careful in believing what you are told by these news outlets.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Inaccurate reporting

  1. On this one, I think you’re being too picky..ol. Most of us who’ve lived here for some time know the current location isn’t the first location. For all the newbees, they only know the current location so the reporting that moving the patients from the original location is just as accurate as saying moving the patients from THEIR original lo ation. WOW, two letters changed.

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  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    The better topic would be the slow meltdown of the recycling program. First, look at the proposition. We ship recyclables to China (want to bet they are dumping what they don’t want in the ocean)? How much energy gets expended moving this to the other side of the world. And China continues to change what they buy which changes what we can put in the blue bins. Now they are going to expect us to store recycling for two weeks because supposedly there is too much overtime being expended collected weekly. That will save $2 million. But then the math gets real fuzzy because instead of simply eliminating the overtime, they are announcing they will take that “savings” to open up another neighborhood trash collection station on the east side. So they cut service without cutting price. My solution is going to be turning in my blue bin. If outraged El Pasoans pushed back by refusing to participate in the recycling program they’d rethink the service cut and maybe start evaluating the entire recycling value chain. The reality is this program doesn’t work as currently structured but no one wants to admit it.


    • John Dungan says:

      I did not see mention of overtime in the original report. That said, other reports have let us know that the demand for recyclable goods is down, so whoever collects those materials here has no place to sell them. Our local recycling program has never made sense to me since no effort is being made to recycle glass. I think we’d be better off if manufacturers could be persuaded to go back to more multiple use containers, such as glass bottles and jars. Maybe we should just top participating altogether.


      • Ticked off taxpayer says:

        The overtime excuse was in the KVIA report. I totally agree. If recycling was focusing on a local solution I could see continuing to support it, but what they are doing now is crazy.


  3. new source of news says:

    start reading


  4. Anonymous says:

    As far as the Army Hospital goes, there needs to be a Department of Defense, Department of Justice investigation of the entire hospital construction project. MILLIONS, BILLIONS$$$ in “cost over runs”, YEARS behind completion schedules. Where did ALL that MONEY go?? The El Paso Times is not really a “News Paper” any more, with Writers, Editors, Managers, NEWS. It is mostly just a COPY, Re-Print service for USA Today, other News services. Probably the ONLY Staff they have there now, is just one person running a COPY machine. If they just had even “Investigative Reporters” to tell the PEOPLE the TRUTH, root out Political, business CORRUPTION, guess there was no “reward” for digging out corrupt politicians, pay off, bribes, kick-backs, base ball fields?. I quit a weekly subscription years go, because was a constant problem for them to get me a Paper everyday. Then they took away all the Newspaper machines, so that was no longer an option. So then had a weekend only subscription. Same problems. No delivery. And when I had to call for my Sunday paper, sometimes they brought it that day, sometimes was delivered on Monday, many times not at all. And of course unanswered phone recordings and even Emails.


  5. anon says:

    When the Times did do good investigative reporting, they pissed off powerful people who were exposed and other people just said the Times was being negative.


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