The BRIO is being used

The other day I rode the Mesa BRIO from west El Paso to the downtown transfer station.

I then took the new Alameda BRIO over to University Medical Center.

Next I went from UMC to the downtown transfer station and then back out to west El Paso.

The buses were heavily used.  Most legs of the journey the buses were almost full.

I also saw that the riders were required to pay their fares.

Other than the fact that the ride was rough I was impressed.

This is better


10 Responses to The BRIO is being used

  1. Old Fart says:

    Brutus, thanks for your helpful BRIO observations’ and info. If you have the time could you also check the street car route?


    • Ask Not What Brutus Can Do for You says:

      Ask not what Brutus can do for you. Ask what you can do for Brutus. Why not ride the street car route yourself and report back to Brutus? Does he have to do everything for readers? Do you want him to also vote for you?


      • Pld Fart says:

        Sorry I caused “Ask Not What Brutus Can Do for You’ to crap your panties. Since Brutus gave the impression he lives on the Westside, and took the Mesa BRIO downtown, plus then the other BRIO route onto UMC, it seemed reasonable to ask the question since I live on the Eastside.

        I hope that answers your ‘shit ass’ comment.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    How does your experience stack up with Sun Metro’s figures on ridership??


  3. Elephants never forget says:

    Wasn’t this blog and everyone that never disagrees with it, saying that the Brio Mesa route was a waste of money just a few years ago?


  4. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Most of the time in West El Paso I see Brio’s with less than 3 people. If there is a trend of heavier usage right now I think that is great. I hope it continues because the numbers that have been reported on this blog from Sun Metro show that we taxpayers all pay for those buses whether we ride them or not. I think that as a community we need to recognize both positive and negative trends as they happen. I’m happy that Brutus had something positive to report today. But I’m saddened by the infighting I see in some comments. Both sides of this equation are true. Brio is apparently working well on some routes, on some days during some timeframes. That’s good. And it will likely continue to be a money loser over time because to attract folks it needs to offer routes and times that don’t have high ridership. Folks that point that out and question cost vs benefit aren’t bad guys.


  5. Rough Rider says:

    The ride was rough because Mesa is falling apart and worse than most country roads.


    • Old Fart says:

      BRUTUS, thanks for your ‘dispassionate’ post on your BRIO ride. If you continue to use BRIO please post your observations, plus the time of day of your ride.

      Like others have observed here, your Thursday BRIO post caught my attention, but it also told me you could be ‘dispassionate’ even after your past blog posts. So THANKS again for continuing to follow the BRIO!

      As I posted earlier, if you have a chance to ride the STREET CAR, please post your observations of the ride, plus number of people riding. Since my ride experience on the streetcar was negative, your ‘dispassionate’ observations would be helpful, plus APPRECIATED.


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