Democrat ballot propositions

The democrat ballot in the March 3, 2020 primary election contains 11 non-binding propositions.

You can read them here.

The propositions are on the ballot after the elected positions.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Democrat ballot propositions

  1. John Dungan says:

    And, most of them seemed to simply restate existing laws. Very strange.


  2. Russian Bot says:

    How is it possible to have a “right” to healthcare?

    Healthcare has to be provided by another person, and to have a “right” of healthcare implies that other persons do not have any right to decide what they want to do in life or to determine whether they wish to provide a service or to determine who they provide services to.

    If there were only two people on the Earth, which one would have to provide healthcare to the other? Do they deserve compensation? Is their training free, or paid for by the recipient? Or would they not only be required to provide health services but to also pay for their own training, facilities, equipment and materials.

    There are so many constitutional issues involved with forcing persons to perform services for other persons, against their will, that this seems very third-world country.

    Just like socialism.


    • Why?? says:

      I was in the hospital yesterday and very quickly a person came by to tell me what portion of my bill I would be paying immediately and what was covered by my insurance (which I pay my monthly premium to have). In the area next to me was a Border Patrol Agent who had detained someone caught entering into the US illegally. The illegal immigrant was receiving treatment for an injury sustained illegally entering our country. I asked the person taking my information (ID and insurance) if he collects information on the illegal immigrant. He said they get a name, the agents name and send the bill to the government who reimburses them for the treatment. While waiting to be discharged, the illegal immigrant was being discharged and transported by ambulance to the detention facility. I asked the ambulance driver how this transport is paid for and he too said it is billed to the government.

      What did I learn? I pay monthly premiums for my insurance, paid $1,000 for my visit, pay taxes for this illegal immigrant’s treatment, pay taxes for this illegal immigrant’s transport and pay taxes for the Border Patrol agent (very nice guy by the way) so he can babysit the illegal immigrant while getting first class care.

      Now looking at Sanders and Warrens medical plans where everyone get’s free health care. Except remember, nothing is free and has to be paid by somebody which is anyone with a job will see a tax increase.


      • Ticked off taxpayer says:

        And your description is exactly why some of us are against illegal immigration. Detaining and caring for illegal aliens costs tax dollars. Country of origin and skin color aren’t the issue. Breaking laws to freeload on systems paid for by US citizens is.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Government needs to reform. It seems like any official is just repeating the same lie over and over again, hoping someone will believe it. I wish we were like Sweden, no property tax. Why are our houses held hostage so some old men can have luxury entertainment?


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