We’re number one again

I picked this up from elpasomatters.com.

Since the 2010 census, 50,000 more people have moved out of El Paso to other U.S. communities than have moved in. When expressed as a percentage of 2010 population, El Paso’s migration loss is the largest among any urban county in the continental United States west of the Mississippi River.

Quality of life

Evidently not.

We need new leadership at city council.

We deserve better


35 Responses to We’re number one again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, but we have those trolleys and downtown baseball.
    And soon, waterparks all over town !
    What more could they want ?


  2. all talk, no action says:

    “We need new leadership at city council.”
    What’s stopping you?


  3. Paleocrat says:

    And COVID is now in Cd Juarez…


  4. Anonymous says:

    El Paso sucks and has nothing to offer.


  5. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    I went to the Itzhak Perlman concert last night and it was El Paso in a nutshell. Folks showed up late and Perlman actually sat on stage for five minutes waiting for people to take their seats. Traffic was moving well so there was really no reason other than poor planning. His concert was wonderful. But throughout the event people were applauding and yelling bravo at the wrong time (at the start of the concert and between movements) and when that would have been appropriate moved on to shrill whistling. Two of my seat mates were marvelous and I enjoyed conversation with them during intermission but the person on the other side of me was constantly fiddling with her cell phone, drink and handbag throughout the concert, plus filming and taking pictures even though that was prohibited behavior. On a positive note, a woman behind me with VIP reception tickets was giving them out quietly when she saw random acts of kindness (which actually was pretty special). Most folks dressed like they were going to the grocery store. That made sense in the gallery seating because there it was likely an affordability issue and EPSO’s mission is to make this type of event accessible to all, but I saw it in the $150 a seat section I was in, as well, which was surprising. As a whole I think we came across as a town that was a little culturally challenged to our distinguished guest. Initially he tried to cue us with small hand signals on appropriate behavior, but figured out fairly quickly he needed to go with the flow and not try to educate us. The bottom line is that if we really want to be recognized as the big city we think we are, we still have a long way to go in terms of appropriate behaviors to demonstrate that we are equally cultured. All that said, kudos to EPSO for getting Perlman. He was a performer I never thought I would get to hear in EP and if you are willing to spend the money, orchestra section seating at the Plaza is outstanding for this type of event.

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    • Helen Marshall says:

      Ticked off, it was not EPSO but El Paso Pro-Musica that brought Perlman….some of us were not dressed to the nines because of the rain, which came back as we left…and there were long lines on both sides of the theater as staff searched bags, etc., which is part of the arrival problem. Agree about local folks not knowing when to interrupt with applause…as for the whistles????😖


      • Ticked off taxpayer says:

        Good point on Pro Musica, my bad. But if you arrived at the venue with 30 minutes to spare as they recommended, the screening process wasn’t that long a line. Because most folks show up at 7:15 or 7:20 for a 7:30 event, you end up with a long line. It took me less than 2 minutes to get through screening when I arrived a few minutes before 7pm. I understand the rain factor but I saw folks in jeans and super casual outfits in all seating categories. I wasn’t dressed to the nines, but I did combine a nice suit with rain sensible shoes and a raincoat. I brought an umbrella but there really wasn’t enough rain either going in or out to use it. But rain or no rain, if you go to a similar concert in other cities of our size, you won’t see folks dressing down to the extent we do. I was raised that this type of event requires at least business attire or what folks would consider appropriate for church. Instead, it was closer to Saturday mall movie matinee wear. My original point is that we brand ourselves negatively to out of towners when we do this.


        • Fed Up says:

          What you saw now passes for business attire and what many folks consider appropriate for church.


        • JerryK says:

          It’s called “El Paso time” and it is maddening that meetings, much less concerts can never start on time. Manana Forever!

          Oh, and since I retired, I pretty much always dress like I’m going to Wal-Mart 🙂


  6. elrichiboy says:

    Not everyone votes at the ballot box. Some people vote with their feet.


  7. Anonymous says:

    So many great people in this city. Unfortunately you can’t buy culture. Maybe a seat at a great concert. The restaurant scene in this city is very telling about it’s cultural health. I went to Ardovinos Desert Crossing last weekend. It has been blocked by highway construction for a couple of years now. It is either thoughtless or with bad intent. Ardovinos has great atmosphere and interesting locals selling produce. The place had few customers for a Sunday. El Paso downtown construction has also hurt many businesses. I personally don’t go to corporate restaurants. It is one of the reasons I am leaving here. The high taxes and corporate corruption destroy culture.


    • Anonymous says:

      If you think downtown businesses have been hurt by construction, wait until they start tearing up Mesa Street.


    • JerryK says:

      “Unfortunately you can’t buy culture.”

      But you can buy politicians here, cheaply. Affordable corruption may be our greatest unheralded asset.

      I agree re:Desert Crossing, truly a gem of a place. But I’ve been there on Sunday nights (at the bar) and it’s not crowded. If I’m lucky, Misty is on duty at the bar and there is good, intelligent conversation. It doesn’t get better.


  8. Anonymous says:

    One reason I stayed here so long were memories. I think that is true of a lot of people here. Juarez was a great place to be. Everything changes.


    • JerryK Posting Anonymously says:

      Since City Market, the bull fights and the Mariscal are no more, there’s no reason to take the exit off I-10.


  9. Anonymous says:

    wait until the bankruptcy…


  10. Anonymous says:

    The issue is we deserve better!

    The population of this city has driven good jobs educated families out of town with our poor schools tired old politics and vote straight democrats.
    Qualified Republicans spend time money and I treasure only to loose because our population votes a straight democrats party ticket.
    The literary musical ignorance in this town speaks volumes.
    Read your comments on An audience for a world renounce master violinist.
    You show no respect in church in public or in stores.
    You have no manners or training and less understanding of service.
    Your last five congressional reps have done nothing for this community we are third world.
    We do deserve better but get what you vote for!


    • more anonymous says:

      Manners, respect, an interest in the arts, and community service are not determined by votes. Those things are up to individuals.

      YOU complain about Democrats while Republicans Woody Hunt and Paul Foster (the #1 biggest political donor in Texas) continue to take truckloads of local tax revenue and tax breaks for their private businesses.


    • JerryK Posting Anonymously says:

      No, the issue is Anonymous, that no one stands up and says what they – a named person – has to say. Stay Anonymous and nothing changes.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Not true that we get what we vote for. Republican greed monsters with lots of ethic violations and friendly judges rule here, money rules here, drug dealers and the people who launder money here rule here. Look at all the banks that laundered the cash, all the biggies. I think El Paso always had a lot of illegal things going on. Regular people went about their business and life was good in many respects. Poor isn’t always bad. Degrees of poor. People could live, rent was cheap, food was also. Now gaming the system is the high art and some people live for the lie they will eventually choke on. As for Mesa street it is dying as I write this, soon the developers will put up new plastic buildings that will create new cancers and businesses with no heart or soul. I have always wondered if money is so great why does it cause so much misery? Still the majority of the population on the planet are farmers and cities are a smaller portion of the land on earth. Like I always told my kids, you can have technology and all that goes with it until the lights go out. I can make a fire, grow something, kill something, build something and survive. Have a nice day!


  12. LeftElPaso says:

    Maybe it was good that I moved out of El Paso. I’m enjoying life where people know how to treat one another. Also to the comment about you need to be a big city to attract fine art. Look at Santa Fe, it’s small but full of all sorts of art and charm. The difference is there is big money there even though the population is small. So complaining that folks showed up to a concert in blue jeans isn’t because it’s a big city and you should look better it’s the class of people that live there. As the republicans say. Don’t like it leave. Guess some are.


    • JerryK says:

      I used to love Santa Fe and even bought a home there (lost my butt on it post-crash). But last year I was in Santa Fe and I would call it the HIV retirement capitol now.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Everything is relative. O’ROURKE is a Republican. These guys knew a lot of people here voted a straight ticket so they just changed party names not the terms of engagement. Most Republicans do not stand for anything but power and greed at any cost. It is interesting to note that the male human as he gains in power produces more testosterone. Aggressive behavior…this is why we need more moderates.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Read the history of El Paso Natural Gas Corporation. It is curious that David Jones was a accountant that owned Western Refining. Had some things in common with Paul Foster.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Santa Fe promotes culture. Laws are more human friendly. There are good small restaurants. World class entertainment, World class art. Better government


  16. Anonymous says:

    Do you know the numbers for the people that have moved in since 2010?


  17. Anonymous says:

    Case in point:

    El Paso not only voted dim but voted for Bernie!

    Put your hand out we want everyone else gas but want everyone else to pay for it!

    Talk about serfs to the system!



  18. Anonymous says:

    BETO doesn’t know how to spell Republican!

    Woody Hunt and Paul Foster are backing you democrats.

    Read the Federal. election Films nhs.

    They maxed out for the primaries and the Dim darling Veronica mica is going to run on infrastructure!

    What did she and Beto do for 8 yrs?
    Squat nothing


  19. Anonymous says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Just read borderzine Robert Moore, slowest growth due to flight since Great Depression (in 80 years) You can feel it here ( cost of living) and ( lack of good paying jobs) This has been happening for ten years, no wonder the city thinks homestead taxes are a growth industry. Sickeningly stupid,good for nothing government! Whatever label any of them use, these policies do not work. Ten years❗️


  20. JerryK says:

    Well, Mini Mike called it quits after blowing $500MM on his ego that he could have used to back a winner, that ain’t gonna be Creepy Joe or Bernie the Commie. Looks like Swarzbein bet on the wrong horse, but he likes billionaires including the local ones he sort of works for.


  21. Anonymous says:

    lol, a democrat bastion in texas decries its poor conditions as the fault of republicans


  22. Anonymous says:

    Ha, ha ❗️😉


  23. Anonymous says:


    The man backed every action of Joyce Wilson John mini Mike Cook, and the destruction of City Hall Insights Museum and the sell out to Foster de la Vega and Woody Hunt.

    Such a great journalist …MATTER OF OPINION! 🤐🤐🤐


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