You still have some money left

I can’t remember where but I recently heard our city manager lecturing people about our local property tax rates.

His point was that the cost of living in El Paso is so low that even with our high taxes citizens enjoy a good economic deal in El Paso.

It looks like he doesn’t see the need to keep our taxes under control.

We deserve better


9 Responses to You still have some money left

  1. Anonymous says:

    Considering that a large part of those HIGH, outrageous TAXES in El Taxo, go to pay the HIGH, outrageous salary of this leech. What low cost of living? Gas, food, TAXES everything cost MORE in El Taxo. The ONLY “Quality of Life” is for people like him, Margo, politicians and the idle RICH that OWN them. WE do deserve better, but for the PEOPLE of El Paso NOTHING ever gets better, it just cost more and nobody speaks for, REPRESENTS the PEOPLE.


  2. JerryK says:

    “The people belong to no one. They are fickle, can be maniuplated…”

    Juan Peron from EVITA.

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  3. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Our local political class believes they know what we need and as a result have the right to tell us how much of the money we earn we can keep. The folks voting for Bernie or any of our local donor favored candidates apparently agree with that concept. The only way to change that is to vote differently. Sadly, because the government is the largest employer in one form or another here, a lot of folks see tax and spend as the best way to keep food on their table.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The people don’t care or know how our taxes got where they are…IT IS TRUMPS FAULT!


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s just the tax, waste, spend, tax some more, stupidity, UNCONCERN of El Taxo POLITICIANS, Public Officials. “Tax these Peons MORE, give them some incentive to work harder”. WE deserve better. WHO speaks for US??


  5. Fed Up says:

    Easy for him to say. We pay Tommy G about $350,000 a year, so he can easily afford the taxes. But does he even own a home in El Paso?


  6. Anonymous says:

    He is out of touch like most people in leadership (and this guy is not responsible to us – just to politicians). I have been thinking that El Paso is NOT a cheap place to live. For instance, we pay more than the rest of the state for gasoline and energy. We also pay more to go anywhere when we travel. Buying a car doesn’t seem cheap in El Paso. Those of us who have car insurance need to purchase uninsured motorist coverage because there are tons of uninsured cars in El Paso. Don’t even get me started on medical costs in this town… I suppose, if you want to live like a poor person in a crowded run down house or apartment and live off beans and rice, it wouldn’t cost much and you would be in good company in El Paso since there is a lot of poverty here; but that doesn’t mean it is cheap to live in El Paso. What he really meant to say is that from his perspective, it looks like the poor people in El Paso have all they need. What a scum bag Tommy is! His remarks exemplify the gap in El Paso between those that think they are better than everyone else, and everyone else. He works for our oligarchs.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Exactly, thank you. The government here thinks the job is to suck all they can. And they do!


  8. Reality Check says:

    The city manager also failed acknowledge that wages in El Paso are about 30% below other big Texas cities, so people have less money to live on. I don’t buy the bull**** about El Paso having a low cost of living. You MIGHT get more square feet of house for your money in El Paso, but that’s where it ends.


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