Why tell the truth when a lie is more dramatic?

Maybe I have this backward but if the current idea is to keep people from congregating the announcement below doesn’t make sense:

The streetcars may be the safest public places in town.

I suspect that the real reason for doing this is to save money, an effort that I support.

Honesty seems to be in short supply from the city.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Why tell the truth when a lie is more dramatic?

  1. Silence Dogwood says:

    If the trolleys stayed running they’d be a good place to socially isolate since no one rides them


  2. Sad cynic says:

    Brutus you are surely right…the streetcars cost about 1.5 to 2 million bucks a year to operate and maintain, and the income from fares is about 5% of that! But the City “leaders” cannot acknowledge that they made a mistake when they supported this project, so they have to say it’s for our safety.


  3. Petri Dishes on Wheels says:

    Fewer people on streetcars means more people on the buses. The petri dishes on wheels just got more crowded.


  4. Anonymous says:


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