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  1. Democrat Hypocrisy says:


    • Democrat Hypocrisy says:

      “Believe all women” except when it’s a Democrat being accused, then say as little as possible. Worked for Bill Clinton his entire political life. Joe Biden has been “credibly accused” of raping one of his staffers yet somehow every news agency in America isn’t talking about that.



    • Dan Wever says:

      At least she did not say he grabbed her by the pussy or we might have thought she got mixed up on names! 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        Have you EVER listened to that entire conversation? That is one sentence out of a conversation. He never said HE would do that. He was actually talking about the Hollywood elites. You libs are soooo gullible and believe every false sound bite the MSM put out there. Please use your own brains and not your CNN controlled brains!


      • Anonymous says:

        show us a video of trump acting inappropriately in public with girls as young as 10 years old. there are many of biden doing just that.

        you keep being sanctimonious about something trump said while ignoring a lifetime of public behavior of biden.


  2. John Dungan says:

    Instead of politics all the time, and especially instead of constant attacks against the Democrats, how about some discussion about this pandemic we are all facing. Shouldn’t this be foremost in everyone’s mind? What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? Why are the store shelves still so empty? Will any local store deliver small orders, like under $50.00? How about reaching out with ideas and suggestions for helping each other at this time? Anybody?


    • Silence Dogwood says:

      Make sure your will is current.


    • Russian Bot says:

      I wouldn’t want to talk politics, either, if Joe Biden were my party’s nominee.


    • Anonymous says:

      What have you ever done to help anybody? Let’s start there, tell a story about you not attacking every poster you disagree with.

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      • John Dungan says:

        I provided Public Health Services as a Public Health Nurse in El Paso City and Country for ten years. I worked as a Registered Nurse for 32 years. You think that is not service? I also answered the Draft in 1965, instead of running away or evading. What have you done except attack every post that you think has to do with the opposite of Republican greed???


        • Anonymous says:

          That sounds suspiciously like a paid position. It is a “service” much like public school teacher. I would argue that a carpenter, mechanic or grocery store clerk does just as much good for society as a nurse.

          You aren’t any better than the rest of society, and you were paid for your work, which you now choose to characterize as “help”.

          Helping someone connotes the idea of doing so freely, voluntarily, without compensation, etc.

          You suggest “helping each other” at this time, do you mean as a paid position, such as when you were a nurse? That isn’t help, it is work. Changing someone’s flat tire on the side of the road for no money is help, drawing blood or giving someone an aspirin for pay is not help.


    • Gemini says:

      Not every store in town has “empty shelves” nor do most of them remain empty for long. They have a new concept called “restocking” whereby they put stuff back on a shelf after the previous items have been removed.

      Also, if one store truly is out of something people used to try another store. Now they just complain that things aren’t so convenient.

      People used to plan ahead, especially after being warned to do so. Since early February there have been enough warning of tough times coming for anyone who cared about themselves and their families to stock up so that when tough times arrived the empty shelves wouldn’t be an issue.

      Of course, people could always refuse to plan ahead, refuse to be responsible for their own lives and situations, and then expect everyone else to “help” them do things they very easily could have done for themselves.

      Other people have lives and families, too. Why should everyone else have to worry about people who won’t do for themselves?

      Help those who cannot help themselves, who do not have the means to buy or otherwise obtain what they need. Help those who are in need of help.


      • Don't worry, it's only the Apocalypse says:

        Haven’t seen a roll of TP in the last two weeks.


      • More Anonymous says:

        Your suggestion that people help those who cannot help themselves is a great point. The rest of your comments are smug, condescending and not at all helpful. Not all hardworking people have the money or space to “stock up.” Not all people have the time or physical ability to make multiple trips to multiple stores for days on end in hopes of being there right after the store restocks and everything doesn’t get restocked at the same time if at all.


        • Anonymous says:

          you describe people who “don’t have the time” to do what it takes and call me smug. anyone who cannot make time for themselves or their family shouldn’t become my responsibility. you take care of those people. i will help people who have real need, not those who cannot be bothered.

          “days on end”, what an idiotic statement when people have had several weeks of warnings. anyone so dumb that they wait until the worst time to do something doesn’t deserve my time. you take care of those people, too.

          i very clearly said to help those who lack the means, i.e. money, etc.

          everyone i know made time to take care of their family and have what they need without crying that it is other’s responsibility to take care of them.

          virtue signaling sits well with you


  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    society should rearrange itself to accommodate persons who, after weeks of warning, do not shop or otherwise prepare for self-quarantine and prefer instead to order small amounts of goods that they expect to be delivered for their convenience, despite the small amount of money they are spending.

    after rearranging society in this way, we should then place the least capable but loudest people in charge of everything.


  5. Silence Dogwood says:

    How are the Kardashians dealing with all this? Social distancing would be difficult around all that cheese cake.


  6. Saddened by these comments says:

    Brutus, please…no more “open lines” for self-serving and nasty comments!

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  7. Enough Already says:

    I agree with Saddened. Open Line Saturday was a good idea when it started, but it’s deteriorated into an open season for people to be assholes. There is enough of that bs in the comments the other six days of the week without having a full day of it. If this continues, it is going to kill this forum and undermine its credibility.

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  8. Covid thoughts says:

    Lowe’s parking lot was packed today. I know people need to go to hardware stores to fix their homes in difficult situations, but the place was packed. Rarely have seen it so busy.

    I also found it interesting that Nothing but Bundt Cakes was open. Hard to say that their product is essential food.

    If only essential businesses are to be open, city may need to tighten up the standards. Some businesses are really taking it on the chin, while others may be interpreting the rules too loosely.


  9. John Dungan says:

    Personally, I am ready to give up on this blog. As “Saddened” and “Enough” have pointed out this has deteriorated into who can whom, first, with the nastiest.


  10. Anonymous says:

    “people say things i don’t like, so stop them before i quit reading your blog!” WAAAAA

    asshole is in the eye of the beholder. i call someone an asshole who acts like it is everyone else’s responsibility to tend to their needs, and then resort to virtue signaling. people used to be personally responsible, and only those who were incapable needed help. now everyone is helpless and everything is someone else’s responsibility. cry me a river.

    as for all the budding communists in this group, you seem to think that everyone must tend to YOUR needs. if you had the society you think you want, not many people at all would have anything.

    and if you consider your paid job “help” and act like you are somehow elevated above all others then you have a problem, instead of whining and crying about everything other people do maybe you should worry about your own behavior. constantly calling for censorship is a distinctly fascist trait.

    in the future, maybe stock up BEFORE stores run out of things instead of waiting. and if you only want to order small amounts of things don’t expect someone to get excited about delivering to you, big spender. go create your communist society and tell us how it works out.

    buncha cry babies. waaaa waaa waaa


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