Springing things on us

The city actually has several city charter amendments that they hope to get us to approve.

This one is horrible.

The current city charter allows them to add an emergency ordinance to a city council agenda only two hours before the meeting.  That allows them to ambush us with surprises that we cannot react to.

Evidently that is not enough for these people.  They want to reduce the time required to one hour.

I cannot think of a single emergency that would really justify only one hour of public notice.

State law does allow the city to hold emergency meetings.  They can only do this for reasons of “urgent public necessity” and are at least required to give the news media notice.

Let’s see if they remember to put those restrictions in their amendment.  I wouldn’t bet on it.

We deserve better



2 Responses to Springing things on us

  1. Anonymous says:

    The emergency they better be preparing for is bankruptcy.


  2. Anonymous says:

    All that the CITIZENS need is for the State Attorney General to come in and bring a Task Force of Texas Rangers, CID Investigators. Since the Citizens have NO RIGHTS where the Mayor, Clown Council are concerned, the State of Texas could impress upon these politicians that THEY are not above the LAWS, that THEY are subject to the LAWS. Hopefully, VOTERS are taking notes, so they remember what the Mayor, Clown Council did to US, next election..


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