Going forward

There has been some criticism of my failure to censure some of the comments this blog receives.

We have received almost 20,000 comments over the years.

My recollection is that of these one was censored when some of its profanity was removed.

None have ever been re-ordered to give or deny preference.

It is interesting that comments often have no relation to the subject of the daily post.  I chalk that up to people wanting to have their voices heard.

The blog has always been open to posting guest articles.  We seldom get submissions.  Maybe that takes too much effort.

Recently we have had a few appearances of Silence Dogood.  There are things afoot over at the city that will take our focus away from her/him for a while.

Mr. Franklin probably did have a better explanation for what has been happening:

A Man who differs from another in Opinion sets himself above him in his own Judgment, and in several Particulars pretends to be the wiser Person. This is a great Provocation to the Proud Man, and gives a keen Edge to what he calls his Zeal.

Let’s try harder to express our differences of opinion without being nasty to others.

Thank you for your continued interest

We deserve better


4 Responses to Going forward

  1. Censorship Sucks says:

    How come Dungan never asked Brutus to delete this blog since he doesn’t use his real name? JerryK also does not respect him since he doesn’t use his real name.

    It’s funny how regular posters have similar criteria for censoring the speech of others.


  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Here’s a good topic for tomorrow: Deal to bring Great Wolf Lodge to El Paso falls apart due to virus pandemic.


  3. John Dungan says:

    Well, the nastiness of unknown person or persons, more than one of whom has chosen the nom de plume of “anonymous,” has caused me to back off. I no longer have any interest in offering comments here and have stayed away lately, and will continue. As for censoring, what I would want to see is not that so much as setting a certain standard, as does the infamous Facebook, and rejecting posts that do not meet that standard.


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