Open line Saturday

It’s Saturday.

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16 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Thoughts & Prayers says:

    The Great Wolf is dead. Thoughts and prayers go out to Tommy Gonzalez for his loss. When my great grandkids ask me what good came out of the coronavirus pandemic, I am going to tell them that it killed the big, bad wolf.


    • JerryK says:

      Does this mean Foster doesn’t get his 2,000 acre barony in NE?


      • Get ready for a Depression says:

        I hope Foster doesn’t get ANYTHING.
        As for development for the area, home prices will be falling and home values will be falling as less and less people qualify for financing.
        The City of El Paso property values will go down as people cannot pay their mortgage payments and foreclosures go up.
        As those property values go down, the City will get less taxes.
        Banks are not gonna want to loan when jobs are iffy and 20-30% unemployment hits.
        Small business owners do NOT have 3-4-5 months rent and expenses in the bank, so many will close.
        Many small businesses will “pretend to hire” friends and relatives, to receive almost free Pandemic Loans and be charged with fraud and in jail next year.

        Small business owners will be out looking for jobs also.
        The government cannot possibly pay all of the expenses of small business owners to keep them in business.
        Business will not just magically rebound. It will take YEARS of rebuilding businesses. Cars are not selling either.
        We are seeing the beginning of another auto bailout about to happen. People will not be buying any big ticket items or getting financing or even WANT more payments.
        Here come the bankruptcies !
        El Paso city and county retirement programs will probably be scraped as the money will just NOT be there with the City trying to live on half it’s budget.
        Most all new homeowners this past year will owe more than the home is worth as property values decline.


    • Save our Water ! says:

      GOOD. I’ve been posting on their facebook ads and facebook page, that they were stealing our land . .AND . . our water (that we dont have and have to restrict our yard watering and usage.)
      Hopefully, their investors and stock holders took a look.


  2. JerryK says:

    When/if the dust settles from COVID-19, what kind of world will emerge? Or is it just back to business as usual?


    • 2 More Years of This says:

      Until the very last person, is tested, ALL the same day, this will start up again.
      Otherwise, people just go back out there and re-infect, re-infect.
      Like a forest fire. You HAVE to put out the very last ember or the fire will start back up.
      So, it’s masks and distancing until there is a SURE cure and a vaccine.
      New York is the perfect breeding ground.
      Too many people, too close together, riding subways and packed into elevators. Most do not even OWN a car.
      Subways would have to be people spaced out 3-4 seats away from the next person and elevators only ONE person per at a time.


      • Tired of Working from Home says:

        That is unrealistic and completely ridiculous (unless you are a socialist, then it makes perfect sense). We are a society of hard working people, except for Bernie Bros, and we need to be at work, WORKING. I’m glad the President is starting to talk about opening the country back up. We are nowhere near the death count of the annual flu.


  3. James W Peterson says:

    Sun Metro’s buses are running on a Sunday schedule, In the central area around Piedras I do not see any fixed route buses until after six o’clock in the morning. However, Sun Metro LIFT which is the City’s ADA complimentary paratransit service is sending out their buses shortly after four o’clock in the morning. Sun Metro LIFT is mandated to “compliment” the service hours and area of Sun Metro’s regular City routes. So, why are LIFT buses in service about two hours earlier than regular fixed route buses. My hunch is the City is now providing medical transportation which is above and beyond what is required by the American’s with Disabilities Act. The medical transportation is most likely taking passenger to facilities that operate for a profit and are not subsidizing the costs for the LIFT to operate outside of the times mandated by the ADA. So why is this happening and what are the costs to the City?


  4. Anonymous says:

    The uncalled for red alerts that come on every cell phone land line and TV set in unison.
    Repeating the same unheeded warnings knock out the cable answering machine are useless.
    As they start phones cable turned off .
    Whose brilliant idea were these.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I am making orange, chocolate, pecan scones. Soon a vaccine for covid 19 will be developed, it isn’t like we don’t have capable scientists in the world. We have great people on this planet that want to create something better. Much more is possible now as the conditions for profound change are here. Ask all the immigrants that came here with no money in their pockets and created families and lives. Throughout history people rolled the dice, looking for something better. Money only has the value people assign to it. It is a abstract concept that has it’s pros and cons. Research Oligarchy, they never last. Maybe this time people will value something real, a good education, knowing that if you get sick there is a safety net, that the best things in life you can’t buy and use the energy , the concept of money creates for something positive. So I think the world that emerges from this crisis will be a better, simpler world that values what we have, a world that realizes we are human beings and not Gods. We need to put our priorities in place. Keep the faith and this is not our first crisis or our last. What was that quote of Einstein’s about creativity and freedom? It is a process to be alone, when we are it causes us to reflect and ponder, which is a good thing. Put on some great music and make a great lunch. Make it sexy however you do it. Life is beautiful and our day couldn’t be better looking.


    • JerryK says:

      I put on a play list of Jimmy Buffet. Happy sitting on a beach in California or Mexico kind of music. You can’t be down listening to good parrot head Buffet music.


  6. archaic578 says:

    I wonder if Foster would rather have his 44 acres back. It might be more lucrative in short term than almost 7,000 acres of NE land he now has. Meanwhile the city council will be hearing staff reports on Monday about impact of COVID 19 on city finances, what CIP projects to continue, what to hold off, and what to do about the MPC, aka arena. A time for all of us to speak up, I’m happy the city set up remote access for elected officials, staff, and citizens.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Albert Einstein, in a letter to his son Eduard, February 5, 1930


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