Another lobbying victory

It is unfortunately frequently true that whatever words a government uses to describe something are the opposite of what they are doing.

My favorite example is Internal Revenue Service.  It’s not as though we can write them and tell them that we don’t want their service this year.

Here’s another example:

This is the opposite of transparency.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Another lobbying victory

  1. Fed Up says:

    The most important information in this post is that the state legislature passed a bill that keeps people from knowing whether businesses are paying taxes. They sure do a lot of work to protect businesses. Why add this law after all these years?


  2. comrade anonymous says:

    John Dungan – poster who acuses others of stereotyping and hate. Thought you’d enjoy his recent post on El Chuqueno:

    “I kinda wonder about this, too. For one thing, nationally, why are these “open” protesters always coming out with gunz? They gonna shoot that pesky little ‘rona varmint? They make ridiculous claims like “the governor” is denying me” – not in Texas, but elsewhere – “my right to freely assemble.” Really? What is it that they want to assemble for? It’s not like they’re the kind of people that I would be inviting over for a cookout, you know. Or poker, for that matter. I certainly wouldn’t wanna share a beer with them. I think I’ll go with your idea about the light socket. Maybe they’re tired of sticking their fingers into one?”

    So, people who want to open the economy are gun lovers, who talk like rednecks, and apparently are “tired of sticking” their fingers into light sockets.

    Hypocrisy anyone???


    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.

      Hypocrisy is a liberal virtue.

      Freedom of assembly, like the freedom to own guns, doesn’t require an excuse, certainly not one open to debate or requiring the approval of persons who oppose your freedom. Some people hate the freedoms enumerated within the constitution when they find out those freedoms are also available to those they disagree with politically.

      If we wanted to assemble to discuss guns, fake news or Barbie dolls we can do that, or for no reason at all.


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